Monday, December 22, 2008

This is what I say

We at The Edge want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas 2008. The interstate is beckoning us and we must heed it's call. My side of the family is waiting about 4-5 hours down the road. While we wish we could have both sides together and under one roof, it just isn't feasible. The Man is looking forward to getting up tomorrow morning before daylight (!!!) in order to cook outside (again, !!!!) with my brother and Daddy. I get to see my magician...err...stylist tomorrow afternoon after I decorate my Grandma's house (where we stay) and make it festive (small scale style). The girls will be with us until Christmas Day, where they will then make their way to their bio-dad's side of the family to spend time with them. My son will run until his legs give out on The Plantation (that's what we call my Mama and Daddy's property) with his cousin. They will get dirty and have red cheeks and life will so very good for him.

I plan on seeing girlfriends that I miss. I plan on being exhausted by the time we head back to Georgia. That's all good stuff, Internets!

While we enjoy being festive and spending time with our family and friends, we will not overlook or forget that it is Jesus' Birthday. He is the reason for the season. I look forward to hearing my Daddy talk about it Christmas Eve with his grandchildren sitting at his feet. (makes me teary now picturing it)

We send prayers for safe travels for those of you brave enough to hit the road and air. We send prayers that families will bond together and become even closer.

See you all next Sunday! If I'm too tired? It'll most probably be Monday.



andria said...

Merry Christmas!

It warms my heart to know you'll be spending your holiday with your family/friends in the place you love.

Be careful! I pray you have a safe trip.

Bonita said...

Merry Christmas!

Have a safe trip and a great time with your family! See you when i get back.

Krys72599 said...

Happy holidays to the Edge!
Can't wait for you to get back - already waiting for pictures and stories!

Denise said...

Drive safely and have a very very very merry Christmas!

AndreaLeigh said...

Merry Christmas, Hope!

Michelle said...

see ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and all yours, Miss Hope. Wishing you safe travels. We, too, will be hitting the interstate on Friday to spend a few days with my side of the family -- just a copule hours further than yours. I'm so looking forward to seeing them all again though.

Angels shine down on you!!!

Monogram Queen said...

I am back-reading so I already know you had a wonderful Christmas! So glad!!!