Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday, Monday.......

Were Mondays invented to weed out the population? Saw on the news this morning that Monday mornings are the prime time for a heart attack. Huh. Go figure. Is this true or just another way to fill in some time and keep our interest until a commercial comes on? Something to ponder if I have an extra minute......

I told my husband I was going to blog. He's an intelligent man...otherwise I wouldn't have married him. (Married a dumuss before...bad on mental stimulation). Anyway, he believes he has the grasp as to why I would want to blog. I've been a little closemouthed about it...just want to see where this goes and if it'll hold my interest. Sometimes I have time...most of the time I don't. And I will tell you now, I use alot of these..........those being the dots. My friend Jody and I call them "thinking dots". Tends to irritate some people. So, if you are easily irritated...well, then,....lemme think.....I don't really care. They are MY thought dots.

As I was saying. My husband is a man among many. Quit rolling your eyes. He truly is because he puts up with me. I am not like any other. I am fiercely loyal but betray me one time and you are out. I have no patience for lies. Fred (said hubby) would say that I put up with alot from him. Yes I do. I am also a normal human in that I fear that he will wake up one day and not love me anymore. I can say that because I did that with my ex-husband. Long story for another time, but he managed to kill whatever I could have mustered on a good day. Therefore, I promised myself when I married this man, I would make every conscience effort to have a marriage worth all the hassle. So far we've done well. At least I think so. But, man, this past weekend was hard.

Being an active duty member of the Navy puts a new spin on life. Especially if the spouse is an old dog who can't learn new tricks well and she's stubborn and very vocal and opinionated. Can you believe they don't care about family? or holidays? or really important stuff? NO! They worry about submarines being ready for sea....their new recruits getting a good start in what could be a good career. They make senior guys hang around to keep snot-nosed 18-21 year olds out of trouble. Grown able bodied men and women who can vote and fight in battle....have to have babysitters. My mind just can't wrap around that concept. But, you know what? It doesn't have to. Plain and simple. The Navy simply doesn't care if I get it or not. They own my husband lock, stock and barrel until the day comes that he retires. (he is re-enlisted until then) They can do whatever they wish 24/7/365. Sucks a donkey, huh? And the crazy thing? He goes along with this??? OMG. I just can't fathom someone having that much control over my life. Makes my neck muscles bulge just thinking about it. But, he loves it. Loves his job. Loves the camaraderie of his boatmates....or shipmates. I tend to forget which is which and I know it's important and I'll prolly learn about the time he retires. (~shrugs~) As I was saying before I got sidetracked..which I do very well. I am trying to understand. Admittedly I don't do a swell job of it most of the time but I think he loves me in spite of that major character flaw that I have because at the end of the week...I'm here waiting on him and wanting to spend every minute I can with him.

You think I hate the Navy. Not at all true. I'm very proud of our military and I support George W. and hope and pray that he makes the right decisions. Did I say pray? Absolutely. Very big believer in God and all He does. I just wish ...sigh...I just wish things could go my way more often is what it boils down to. But right now, he's not just my husband...he's your (meaning the country's) employee. And you're pissing me off pretty good when you keep him from coming home and spending a little bit of time with his family.

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