Friday, May 13, 2005

What a Fog of a Day....

I assume Thursday is almost over? Well, folks, I've something akin (remember I'm Deeeeep South here) to the flu. I kid you not. Fever, shakes, muddled mind, no appetite (although that could be considered a good thing) coughing, sneezing, congestion that could bog my hubby's sub down in a heartbeat! And, folks, it sucks. My dearest friend Lu calls this morning to check on me. Threatens me with the doctor. noooooooo...just let me rest. I call her later in the afternoon..croaking, whimpering...give me drugs. I love this girl. She has her hand on all that is good and healing. From her precious stash, she sees fit to give me a 3 day antibiotic! Holy cow! No freaking way. Some of you might be saying..that's not good. She's not a doctor. Never fear, I gave all symptoms and her years experiences diagnosed me. I trust her. I look at it this way....I'll either get better or stay the same. I'm putting my money on better...there's too much to be done in my life!

I've really not seen my kids for 2 days now. My baby has lived with Nana and Aunt Des. to avoid getting contaminated. He is home tonight in his bed..never knowing how badly his mama has missed him. He's had a huge day of playing with his cousins...probably overdosing on kool aid...thinking he's at least 3 years old and not the 1 that he is. He at least fell asleep in my arms tonight. I was too weak to put him to bed...Thank you Sissy for doing that!

My hubby is coming home tomorrow. Bout time. He's going to come home ...riding in on his white horse (ok..white chrysller cirrus)....take over the house....make sure the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher....that the living room is picked up.....yeah, I'm sick. I'm starting to have delusions here. He'll go to work at 430 a day.....get off of 6 hours home....walk in and crash on the couch. Saturday will not register until noon and 3 cups of coffee later. I will huff and I will puff and do a "humph" or two but most of all....I'll be so glad to see him if only for a short time.

Well, GLORY BE!!! My oldest's cell phone just started going crazy! Why is this? What kind of alarm does she have on? I run to cut it off..thinking of chopping her head off.....I open it and it says......


oh. I think I'll let it slide this time.

Wish me luck on the wonder drugs. I'm tired of feeling sick and losing time to sleep and shakes and coughs and sneezes. Besides, it's after midnight here! Officially Friday the 13th.....MY BIRTHDAY.

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