Tuesday, May 24, 2005


And I am frantic! Seriously. I have decided..along with my husband..to take the summer off and spend it with my children. What have I gotten myself into? ~Deep breath~ I shall now call forth all my internal resources and come up with a master plan A. You wouldn't believe the things I have planned for these hooligans of mine. First...we will have counselling for oldest once a week. Intense times call for intense measures. I'll keep you posted. At those times, middle child will go along for ride and we shall traipse to the BIG library to check out books for the next week. Since my "going into 1st grade kid" has taught herself how to read..then read she shall. She amazes me. We're going to my Best Sanity Saving Friend's house once a week for picnic day. She got the genious idea to buy her kid the Bonzai Six Flags Waterfall Slide. I admire her guts. It's the biggest hit..guaranteed to wear a kid out in under 3 hours. I am excited to test this theory out. I unselfishly thrust my two oldest to the mercy of the slide. Results to be posted later. I'm thinking there's a museuum trip hidden somewhere. At least two matinee movies to be seen. Where will the 13 month old be?? Why, with us! I'm a big believer in taking them all (except counselling. loud baby does NOT equal place of quiet and tranquility) He shall play with his favorite male cousin that day. Hold up..his only male cousin..but hopefully his bestest bud in the future. I am frantic, people, to keep these kids busy and happy and non-violent. Did I mention we're getting a pool? Ahhhhhh, yes. It's a joint family venture with my Mom, Brother, and Sis-in-law. We have 5 kids between us...some sanity saving measures must be taken at all costs. I don't give a crap if a hurricane blows it away in September...I need help now!!! My SIL is of the same mind...God Bless her.

Everyone is asking where our big vacation is going to be this year. I have to laugh because as soon as 4 years ago....I wouldn't have even made it to the beach one time during the summer. Now we're asked...is it Tuscon? Nebraska? Well, there will no big cross country trip this year, folks. Vitt is too little and too active to be confined with the type driving that we do. Let's give Hope a break, shall we? Give me one more year to gear up for packing for a family of five and packing it all in the mini-van. Although it's kind of a let down not planning a big road trip...I gotta admit the staying near the Hill (which is what we call the land where my folks and we live) is very appealing. Fred is so busy with work and I almost think at times that no one knows their butt from a hole in the ground without the Chief to point it out. Watch my luck. Next year he'll be out to sea the whole freaking summer. And no, I will not travel across country by myself. Not an option. Hopefully his rotation will be something I can live with ...or HE can live with because I am quite famous for carrying on about the Navy. ~grin~

I am thinking of what story I want to tell first. When I look back at my youth, God I had good times....and lived to tell about it. wheww. I am quite content to be an ol' married lady now with kids and a mini-van. Never thought I would say that but I truly mean it. So boring, huh?

Grand Master Plan B is still in the works.

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