Monday, May 16, 2005


You will find out sooner or later if you know a true Southerner, that they use the word well often. We learn how to do this starting at birth. Well has many uses if you really think about it. I use it give myself more time to come up with something outstanding or thought-provoking. I also use it when I haven't heard what you said but I need time to stall and think of something I might have heard you say so I can respond accordingly. It lets a listener know that there is more to the story being told...just give the tale-teller a second to gather their thoughts, please.

Ah, yes, my friends, my birthday was Friday. Shall I tell you how it sucked and should go down in the archives as the worse birthday ever? A brief synopsis never hurt anyone. I was feeling better...not alot..but better. I was left alone with my over-active child. I ended up calling my mother around noon and asking her ..."Why in God's name did you leave this destructive child with me...knowing I can't keep up with him?" She laughed. I finally get Makenna precious is she? She went on a field trip with her grade to the beach. A state park. They were to walk gently in the surf, picnic and explore the castle that is there. Gently in the surf?? My poor kid comes in the door walking with her legs as far apart as she humanly could spread them and still stay upright moving forward. Apparently her butt found the ground and sand found it's way into her most private parts. Her first words when she walks in? "I GOTTA GET A BATH, I GOT SAND IN MAH(MY) DRAWERS!" I had to hug her and breathe in the beach smell, sunscreen, and happiness. That lasted all of 10 seconds and that sister was stripping. Did I mention she's a streaker? I finally convinced her to wear a towel until I could get to the bath.

Here comes the best part of the story. My doctor's office calls. Saw the caller i.d. and wondered..what on earth? I answer. The lovely nurse tells me I have an appt. with a neuro-something or another in June. What??? Why??? She says..because of the results of your MRI (which I had done a week or so ago when my back was crippling me) I respond that the office had already called and informed that the test was o.k. and so I assumed I had just pissed that money away (yes, I used that language). She said...nooooo, you have a benign hema-humawhoa (i have no idea what the whole word is). I then respond...I have a tumor on my spine??????????? She then tells me...I'll talk to the doctor and call you right back. 5 minutes later...ring ring ring. I answer.....and she says...get this....How did you know that's what that word meant??? I didn't. So, folks...I'm going to pieces here. I literally went hysterical. She hangs up....second nurse calls whom I usually deal with. She says..Hope, what's your problem? (she's cool..really she is) I then unload on her. About how she called me with the results and this WAS NOT what she said...etc etc etc. Obviously, benign is a good thing (yes, I know this). We're just doing this as a precaution..going to see Mr. Neuro-something or another. Bullshit. Sorry, folks, I just wrote what anyone would have thought. Sooooo, I'm to sit here for a month til I go see this dude and then we'll go from there. I told Linda (nurse)...and I will use caps now because I did speak loudly and with feeling...HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE CALL SOMEONE ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND TELL THEM SOMETHING LIKE THIS...WHEN THEY'VE BEEN SICK AS A DOG ALL WEEK LONG......BY THEMSELVES WITH THREE KIDS.....AND NOW I GOTTA WAIT A FREAKING MONTH??? wasn't pretty, folks. I call my hubby...who is driving home from my Mom...sobbing. Hubby gets home around 8:30 p.m. and I'm back in control.

I have decided that this particular birthday will be filed under sucky ones and not to be re-visited. Do you blame me?

The weekend was good. I overdid it trying to having some fun and buy groceries Saturday. Fun part was going out to eat with my husband and son....groceries were not fun....was very tired and weak by then. We totally neglected the yard. ~sigh~ I will find time this week to catch up so my Dad won't go ape over it. He's so anal about yard work. (Dad is next door neighbor...very very very into the yards...I am not)

The week is off to a good start. Today was counselling day for Paige. YaY. Counsellor feels like she's hitting on depression. (hear sound of deflating balloon? yeah, that's we go again) I want that kid fixed, you hear me?? I want her happy and whole like yesterday!! Our summer will be counselling once a week until she goes back to school. And that was my idea. I can't do this on my own and her slack-ass dad sure isn't going to help out. PFT. He'll do more harm than good if let loose. She is not happy about this...she'll survive.

Tomorrow I take Little Man for his post-op checkup on his eye. He woke up with it matted again yesterday. My heart stopped. ~~ please don't let it happen again...please let that be a fluke...please no more surgery...~~ I will pull positive good thoughts to me and I will drive to Columbia and hope like crap I can find this office again.

Thursday I take Makenna to get her eye checked. Please let the virus be gone...please let us stop these stupid drops. Oh, yeah....haircuts afterwards. That's always fun. My ex's cousin cuts the girls hair. And I love her! We get along great and she's too cool not to let my divorce cloud her eyes. Too cool.

I found out my hubby actually says he's read my blog! whoa. Know what that means? He read it at work when he had a few...which is on a military base....on a military computer.......crap. I asked him when was the Navy coming to pick me up for dissing them so badly in my posts? He laughed. I didn't. Should I watch my mouth from here on out?? ~snort~ Not hardly. Not this ol' girl. Read on, baby, and don't forget you can post a comment if you so desire. Love you!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's sick...but I just love the guy.

Well, I suppose I shall quit for the night. Really not interesting reading and I apologize for that. Maybe I'll entertain you later on in the week with some stories. I have a couple of good ones that do well at parties. Mar, you know the ones, girl!!!! LOLOL.

My last thought provoking question before I much longer can I make this pedicure last???

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