Monday, August 29, 2005

I was over visiting a blog that I've come to enjoy quite a bit. Miss Angela was tagged to do this "7" deal and then tagged me towards the end. I wish I knew how to highlight her name all fancy-like so you can just click on it and up on her site...but, alas, I cannot. I don't know how! OK? Go to my comments and catch her link there. It's worth the trip. Good reading. Please be warned that I very rarely give one word answers...I like to elaborate. So here goes my answers to "7".

7 Things to do Before I Die:
~ Lose weight. I've done it before and gotta get my moxie up to do it again.
~ Quit smoking. Yes! I smoke! soooo ashamed. It's a leftover from those darned teen years and 20's. But rest assured. I don't smoke around my children. My habit...not theirs.
~ Travel outside of the country. Preferably to somewhere safe. And then come back just as safe.
~ Survive raising kids through the teen years. Nuff said on that.
~ Go on a cruise. I've heard tales in the dark about midnight buffets. I want to see this for myself.
~ Drive a convertable (spell check again, please). At the beach. With super cool shades on. After I've lost weight.
~ Be on the front pew when my children get married and at the hospitol when my granchildren are born.

7 Things I Can Do:
~ Sing. Give me some Eagles harmonizing and I'm there.
~ Talk to total strangers where ever I am. Totally kills the teaching of "Don't talk to strangers" to my kids. They just can't grasp the concept.
~ Be brutally honest. Some consider that a character flaw. Is just how I am.
~ Be on my deathbed and still be able to eat ice cream.
~Make facial expressions. My face talks more than I do. When Fred and I dated, he almost wrecked his truck because he was busy watching to see what facial expression I was going to make. dummy.
~I can have a tougher voice than a Drill Instructor. Comes from working with kids my whole life. Talk tough. Gets their attention.
~I can read like no body's business. I finished the new Harry Potter book in 6 hours. I speed read and it drives my husband nuts.

7 Things I Can't Do:
~ I can not understand the Navy/military. Don't think I ever will.
~ I can't turn a cartwheel. And I hate that. It's just a stupid fear of falling and breaking my neck that stops me.
~ I can't lose weight because I can't leave the durned ice cream alone!!
~ I can't go to bed early unless I'm completely exhausted. It's in my blood to stay up late...very late.
~I can't climb a ladder. Because it goes up high and Hope don't do high.
~I can't keep my house straight. Too many people-too little space. It may drive me insane.
~ I can't figure out how to make Paige happy. But I'm not giving up.

7 Things that Attract me to the Opposite Sex:
~Belief in God.
~ Height. Sorry, but I like tall
~ Sense of humor. Gotta have one to deal with me.
~ Hands.
~ Sense of responsibility. I'm in my 30's....that's very important to me.
~The ability to make me feel purty. Make a woman feel purty and got it made.

7 Things I say Most Often:
~ That is unacceptable. (Paige hates this with a passion!!)
~ If I have to count to THREE..that's's on!!
~Vitt!!! Get out of the fridge/bathroom sink/dryer/tool drawer/your closet/( I think we get the picture here)
~ You have GOT to be kidding me.
~ Amen.

7 Celebrity Crushes: (ok, I know Fred's on this. Jerk)
~ Andre Agassi
~ Sam Elliott
~ Tom Hanks
~Robin Williams (can you just imagine how funny he would be??)
~Will Smith
~ Desperate Housewives Men Ensemble (aren't they simply JUICY????)
~ Fred ( I got a picture of him in the newspaper when he was kid....momentary fame...does that count??)

7 People I'd like to do This List:
this is tough because my reader list is very short. I will put some down and hope that they comply!
~ Jacinda
~ Fred
~ Jody
~ Betsy
~ I must have seven and am out of names!! Must be the lateness of the hour that is stopping me.
~ Mar!!

So there you have it. Man, these things wear me out! Hope you enjoy!


Jacinda said...

okay! I'll do it. I don't think I've been tagged before so I feel honored! Check out my blog for my answers.

Crazy Me said...

Yeah!! Thanks for the nice comments and for playing. I enjoy your blog very much as well ... awwww.

Three Boys and a Crazy Lady said...

Woohoo!! Dammit girl I wish we were neighbors!! I will do this tomorrow when I'm at my work computer that doesn't run fat bitch walking through tar slow!!

Miss Hope said...

Hey Coley. Now who's the redneck talking? Walking through tar? Sounds like my grandma, girl! Thanks for the laugh and I can't wait to see all these answers!

starbldr said...

"A fat bitch walking through tar" May I borrow that one?