Friday, August 19, 2005

A Glimmer of Light in the Dark

I haven't posted lately because...well, because I didn't feel like I had anything bright and good to post about. That is so wrong. There is always a bright spot here and there, you just have to look. I looked today and there were quite a few once I got to looking.

1. I went to the doctor today. I had to rush rush to get everyone ready and myself ready. I had to rush to get them to school and get the baby to my SIL's armed with sausage biscuits to share with everyone. On the lovely 32 mile drive it started to rain. And I don't mean little bitty baby drops. It was pouring as in "If you don't have an ARK, you are in trouble". Crap. I could visualize my trusty umbrella propped against the back door. ~sigh~ I hoped it would stop by the time I got there. No such luck. As I sat there with the rain coming down so hard I couldn't even see the car next to me, I looked up and said "Lord, if you're there. Wait, I know you're there. BUT, if you are so inclined to listen right now, I sure could use an umbrella." I half-heartedly got on one knee to look around my mini-van. I caught a glimpse of something underneath my seat. It was a compact umbrella.

2. I finally bit the bullet and went to get that thingy on my spine checked out. I had no excuse not to anymore. I ran all over that hospitol. I went to get my MRI and they took so long I missed my appointment. They called and the office said to still come. Put it this way. I did so much running that I almost just walked out the door and said hang it all. Finally, I saw the doc. He looked at my MRI and my x-ray and turned to smile. He said I was hands down the easiest patient he had today. Apparently that tumor thing is a small mass of blood vessels. We pretty much all have them. Some larger than others. My spine? Lovely. Perfectly straight. No sign of arthritis no where to be found. Now I'm a big girl and I practically preened when he said "That's the best looking spine I've seen on a 34 year old white woman in a long time." All my problems are muscular. Mostly due to that last pregnancy. He suggested physical therapy. HA HA HA HA HA. Sir, I have 3 children. He told me that should be therapy enough. I just about skipped out of his office.

3. I had to cut the grass this evening. I neglected it last week because I had a fit of rebellion and just didn't do it. Won't do that again. Alas, the lawn mower wouldn't work. I just wanted to cry with frustration because I needed to get it done. When my Dad got home from work, I told him the problem. He sighed and we started working. 30 minutes later my baby and I were cutting grass. Vitt LOVES to ride the lawn mower. He would ride with anyone who is sitting on one. Well, my lines on my lawn are crooked. Why? Because he kept leaning back and putting his face up with lips puckered. Now tell me, people, how could you resist that?? I didn't. So I was giving kisses to the sweetest little fellow and my lines are crooked. Maybe it'll start a trend?

4. Paige and I have been both pms'ing together and I really couldn't tell you how we've lived to tell about it. Elvis and his snarl have nothing on me and my kid. As I was cutting, I needed the van moved just a few feet. I paused to tell her to get the keys and move it. What??? Are you serious?? You would have thought I gave her front row seats to a Hillary Duff concert. It was only 15-20 feet, but she was completely smooth. I heard her holler and when I looked, she made the motion as to ask if she could maybe drive it around the yard. Uh...NO. I made the throat slicing motion and she snarled. I was a hero for five minutes and it felt good.

5. My husband was taken to the ER yesterday with chest pains. I found out about it when he was back in the barracks and feeling no pain due to morphine. Chest tests came back all negative and he will do more within the next week or two. I was upset. Worried. Mad that he didn't call me when he first went. But you know what? He's ok. And the children and I are packing a bag and driving to see him tomorrow for the weekend. Do I want to drive? No. Will I? Yes. He is ok. My eyes have to verify this fact.

6. Makenna has informed me many times this week that homework bites. This sweet easygoing child is going to be the one to drive me crazy with homework. She did tell me that if it made me happy, she would give it a try...but it still bites. I put her hair in ponytails this morning and she swished her head back and forth to get the full effect while looking in the mirror. Obviously the look agreed with her and she turned to give me a big hug and an "I love you, Mommy! You made me cute!" Kiss my butt, I'm going to take full responsibility for that kid being cute.

7. On the way home there was a caravan of sorts. Huge HUGE trucks carrying tractors. One veered into my lane but whipped it back in the nick of time. I've heard that we're all assigned guardian angels to watch over us. Glad mine was on her/his toes and doing a good job.

I challenge you to find a glimmer of light. I know when I feel like I'm at the lowest I can get, God seems to fill my world with lightning bugs. Little glimmer of lights to help me find my way.


Jacinda said...

Hope, I've missed you! It seems as if we never talk anymore. I'm sooo glad to see that Fred is okay. You know I know how scary that can be! (((((hugs)))))

Hope's Hubby said...

Alright, Hope says I never leave any comments, but, I will today. This is Fred, Hopes Hubby. I do have to agree with her that God does leave us with a bunch of little lightning bugs to guide us on the way. And, they always seem to come at just the right time. I know I was staring another lonely weekend by myself when she decided to come and check on me. Se is truly my HOPE and inspiration. I don't know how I ever lived my life without her. It did me a lot of good to see my family and for that, I would like to thank her for puting up with that drive, because the drivers on that route can be frustrating.

Crazy Me said...

Awwww ... Hope, your hubby sounds really sweet.

Miss Hope said...

Yeah, Angela..he's a regular prince charming until I find his dirty drawers on the floor. Know what I mean?

Crazy Me said...

I hear ya, sister!