Saturday, August 27, 2005

Paige-isms...a deep thinker in progress....

I do not know if this is genetic or just being exposed to me. Maybe it's better if I don't know.

In Social Studies class this week.

The teacher is talking about how women were the first farmers. Ever. How they grew berries and how they provided for their families. I believe this is the caveman era that the teacher is referring to.

Paige raises her hand.

Teacher acknowledges Paige.

Paige says:

So women were the first farmers. Does this mean that the men with their big heads said to themselves: "If a woman can grow some berries, then I can grow a cow"... and then they go and bury a bone?

The teacher just put her face in her hands. Dare I say that she laughed?


Crazy Me said...

This girl rocks!! I think you have a serious feminist on your hands!!

Hope's Hubby said...

Well, that's our Paige. And someday, I will have to live with it everyday. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what I got myself into. However, when I get thoughts like that, I just remember how much I love each and every member of our little family. Paige will be Paige, and I love her for it and wouldn't change where we are now (except, I would be home). I love you darling.

starbldr said...

I think Paige is her Momma's little girl. How could she be yours and not be a deep thinker? I know if I am ever in the need to be told "just like it is" that all I have to do is wait till you sign on.