Monday, August 08, 2005

No Fear

This has been a weekend. I want to post about it in greater detail but must first collect my thoughts better than what they are now. Instead, I will tell you about the first day back at school.

Notice the title of my post. No Fear. My girls are fearless thus far in this world. We picked out "THE" outfit last night so it could be ironed and just right.(that's a joke- I didn't want to run around like a froot loop chicken this morning) Makenna wore her new beach pants. They are pastel striped and adorable. Really popular pants this close to the beach. A matching pink tank top type shirt completed it with Rainbow sandals. She was pleased with the look and I breathed a sigh of relief. One to go. Paige and I discussed what was going to look seriously cute and we came up with a green Tommy shirt with white piping and writing and white bermuda shorts. Nice. Neat and, in her Sweet..we're cooking with gas here, folks. And yes, I took pictures this morning. Thought the battery was going to die on the digi cam and I was going to have to draw them free hand on printer paper but I got some doable takes. (no, I cannot draw, that's why I almost panicked when it looked like the battery was puttering out)

Back packs were done by last Thursday and I believe Paige repacked hers a couple dozen times. Drove me insane! Makenna? That sister got all her stuff jammed inside and never opened it again until she got to school this morning. Yeah, that's my kid.

Off we went this morning. I dropped Paige off first because I wanted to walk Mak in at her school. We pull up in line at the Middle school and Paige is smooth. I ask her if she's nervous. I get the "Are you serious?" look again. "Uh...Mom...I'm a sophomore this year...I'm set". Yeah, ok, baby. I did get a kiss and a "I love you" when she got out and there she went. Swinging that messenger bag like nobody's business...already calling out to a friend. She never looked back. No Fear.

Here we go to the Elementary school. I park the van and get out to get Vitt out of his seat behind mine. Already I have friends calling out to me as they walk back to their cars after delivering their own children. Have I mentioned that I love a small town?? It so rocks. We walk in and I look beside me at this child who has her head held high..big grin on her face. We get to the classroom and her teacher comes and greets me with a hug. Explanation. Paige had this same teacher in 1st grade. I didn't request this, but believe it's awesome that Mak got her too. At that time, I was going through a bad separation and divorce and this teacher was the best thing ever to happen to Paige. We greeted each other this morning with a happy to share another year together. And Mak? She walks in..does her thing and sits right down. Excuse me? Don't I get a kiss? A hug? (Insert eye rolling and a quick jump up to comply). Time for me to go. I get to the door and take one quick look back. She is already turned and chatting with the kid behind her. She doesn't even know I'm gone. No Fear.

We get home and I do what I promised myself I would do. I got a cup of coffee and turned on Good Morning America. Oh no...Peter Jennings died last night. What a great loss. He was probably the only one I could stomach for the most part.

Little Man (aka Vitt) is in heaven. He has the joint all to himself and he intends to make the most of it. He comes back and forth to get HUGE bites of the banana I am holding out for him. I get engrossed in the t.v. and look just in time. Vitt has climbed on the back of the computer chair..til his upper torso is hanging over the back. He is grinning and calling "Mama!!". Just as the chair starts to tilt over, I jump up...catch it and Him before it crashes to the floor. He laughs great big belly laughs. No Fear.

I'm glad we are raising kids that have no fear. Now it's time to teach them the difference between no fear and stupidity. There's such a fine line between the two. I admit to having a hard time telling the difference sometimes. The thing is, I don't know which one to start with?

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Crazy Me said...

I don't think you can really teach them the difference. It's something everyone has to learn for themselves ... no fear = try new things and don't be scared of rejection ... stupidity = why did I have that last shot. LOL!!