Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I must be Insane

Ok. School is back in session and the Big Boy sits out there looking so lonely and forlorn. Between dance class and not being free until after 5 p.m., we don't get alot of time to go swimming except maybe the weekends. Big Daddy next door says it comes down after Labor Day and we are starting to panic. Heck, we know it'll start getting too cool to swim but it's just so dang cool to see that big pool sitting there. So, this morning I told SIL that we needed to hit the water this evening. She agreed. They drive up at 5:15 with suits on. We are finishing homework and getting ready to splash. Oh, the humidity. SIL says she is not swimming because she's a tad under the weather. No problem. I will take on lifeguard duty. As I am putting on my swimsuit, it starts to rain. Bah, rain. We're getting wet anyway, right? I get outside to see my SIL sitting under shelter with Vitt. I tell her if she wants to go next door to Mom's with Vitt, I'll watch the other four. We had a deal.

Rain is cold. I don't care if it's 100 degrees outside, rain can make you feel cold. So here I go running to the pool to get in. Ahhhhhh, nice and warm. Well, shoot. The rain came down even harder. If anyone has ever watched the Forrest Gump movie where he's in 'Nam and he talks about rain and how it was raining up? Yeah, that was us. It didn't bother those hardy kids at all. I finally got the pool lounger and turned it upside down for shelter. In water. Yeah, I'm serious. My nephew paddled over and decided it was better under there than out in the elements. I promise the temp dropped 15 degrees within minutes. And after about 20 minutes, the temp of the water was dropping too. I finally had to call a halt to the outdoor festivities. I was not the hero.

I had to be insane to think going in the pool while it was pouring down was a good idea.

Side note:
Paige has had really bad headaches the past week. I thought it was due to her not wearing her glasses while in class. Figured it out today. During the summer, she would drink a diet soda or two a day. She's not getting that now in school. My kid is having caffiene withdrawals. Go figure. I feel sorry for her because it's a pain to deal with, but that still doesn't mean she can set up the coffee maker so she can have a couple of cups in the morning before she goes to school. Hate it for you, sister.

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Three Boys and a Crazy Lady said...

I miss you so much *sobs*. I'm glad to see you are still hanging in there and I think things will definitely look up for you!! If you get a moment this weekend holla at me. I think I have to spend Saturday allowing Jonah to think he is an only child. Why is it the weird one wants to be alone with well...holla girl...miss you still *sobs*