Thursday, September 06, 2007

Making Amends

I'm gonna have to do some talking to a friend of mine now, so all you others being nosy? Just bear with me.

I got a friend named Chelle back in South Carolina. We've been through many things in our 14 years (has it been that long??) of friendship. Weight loss, marriage, divorce, marriage, the birth of 5 kids, weight gain, crazy relatives, and me moving away. This woman even put her wedding date a month away from my due date (with Makenna) in order for me to be there for the big day. And I was. In all my breast engorged glory. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We kept in good contact after I moved. She had to give birth to her baby girl after I was gone and that was just so upsetting to me that I couldn't be there for her. When she had to go back in the hospital from some complications.....we had the best late night conversation that lasted for hours. I have missed that girl like my left arm (being as I'm left handed and all that).

Well, I went home back around May and was supposed to meet her out for lunch along with Lu. Things didn't work out. The birthday gift of a pedicure and manicure lasted way longer than I anticipated and her baby fell asleep and nixed her plans to join us. I was so disappointed when she couldn't come.

I hate this part about being so far away the most. When you do get to go home, you're so busy seeing family that have ownership in your time. I just can't find that extra 10 hours I need in a day when I go. Not a wonderful excuse....but I always feel like I drive up in Mama's yard and literally turn around to come back to Jawja.

One thing those of you who are young will find out soon enough? The older you get...the faster time flies on you. One day my kids were out for summer...the next we were starting back another year. This year the whole month of June was dedicated to getting Mak recovered from surgery. I feel like my whole being was devoted to getting that girl to eat.

I have no clue where July went. I might have to go back in my archives and see what it was all about.

I got a letter today.

With lovely pictures of a baby girl I haven't seen but a couple of times. She's so beautiful and I'm missing out on her in a big way. That is just unacceptable. How is she supposed to know her Aunt Hope if she never gets any time with me???

About the letter. Girlfriend thought we were in a tiff or something?????

Nooooooooooo. It was just life and time flying by too quickly for my liking. I don't have a good bona fide excuse except that...dang, man, 300 miles makes ya work extra hard to preserve a friendship. Looks like I gotta make some changes. Send a little more focus back towards home.

I'm doing this public post to my friend because I tried to call her dang house and her cell phone and couldn't get in touch with her. She admitted to reading my blog, so I'm making sure she knows!!!!!

Chelle? I love you, girl! That screaming voice on your answering machine is me and I would appreciate it if you would erase it. Soon.

p.s. Dude. I am totally holding the strawberries over your head for the rest of our lives.

p.p.s.s. We are NOT gonna turn into Dawg fans. Are you kidding me? I know you would kill me dead. Vitt proudly wears his Clemson outfit every chance he can. Best hand me down EVER.


Coty said...

The same thing happens to me, too. Everytime I'm up in SC, I go with the best intentions of seeing two of my very best friends. Does it ever happen? About 50% of the time. They, though, do not understand why I "can't take five minutes out of my day" to see them. Well, friends...if I'm gonna see you, I'm gonna make it worth my while. I don't want to see them for just five minutes. In fact, that leaves me missing them MORE!

Andrea said...

Have I ever told you that the way you write reminds me of the author Dorothea Benton Frank? If you haven't read any of her books, check them out. They are all about SC - mainly the Charleston and outlying areas. Fabulous!

Domestic Diva said...

Just another casualty of military life...friendships. You gotta work HARD to keep those suckers in order!!