Monday, September 17, 2007

Life Moments.....

So, I talk on a popular messenger with Carla all the time. She lives less than five minutes away, but we talk more on IM (instant messenger) than we do on the phone. We're just weird that way, I guess.

I got a good laugh out of our conversation today and just felt deep down I needed to share it just to show you how boring my life can be at moments. After receiving permission from Miss C, I did a little copy and paste. Just ignore any typos or grammatical errors because we really don't care.

Hope Tee: and i'm sitting here wondering what to eat because if fred isn't here...i don't want to cook a meat, complex carb, and green just for me.

Carla Girl: i'm just eating some white rice.

Carla Girl: i put a dab of butter on it...and some no salt

Carla Girl: its not bad.

Hope Tee: girl.i just can't eat rice like that

Hope Tee: it goes against my southern blood

Carla Girl: lol

Carla Girl: have a can of tuna

Hope Tee: without salad dressing and pasta?

Carla Girl: yeah, you can do it...

Carla Girl: lol

Carla Girl: bake a small potato in the microwave for 8 minutes

Hope Tee: hadn't thought of that

Hope Tee: have never cooked 'em in microwave either

Carla Girl: i believe its for 8 mins

Carla Girl: poke a fork in it to create some air holes

Hope Tee: will it explode if i don't? because that would be really cool if it did.

Carla Girl: omg, i don't know i've never tried it

Carla Girl: it wouldn't be any cool to have to clean it up

Hope Tee: that's why i got paige.

Carla Girl: i need to be out there mowing the front yard

Carla Girl: but i'm so lazy

Hope Tee: it's looking like really? There's no need because if you cut it then after the rain you'll have those weedy shooty up thingys and that would piss you off because you would have just cut it.

Carla Girl: yeah i guess so

Carla Girl: i just hate unkept grass

Carla Girl: its my pet peeve man

Hope Tee: it's not a favorite thing of mine either but that grass is gotta be dang tall for me to justify sweating

Carla Girl: i hear ya

Yeah, we're a laugh a minute, that Carla and I. Another moment to share, if you will. Last night my husband and I were discussing this season of Big Brother. If you have watched it, it's been enough to make your nerves seriously bad. It's down to a father-daughter team that really are dysfunctional.

So here went the conversation betwixt Fred and myself:

Fred: You know, I get the impression that Dick is the type of guy that would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed.

Miss Hope: Yeah, I think he would, too. But, I think he would slap you with it a few times for good measure before he handed it over.

And, we have one more moment to share........

Last night there was a commercial on television about losing weight. Paige is a beautiful gal that is curvaceous. She's not a stick like most her age and I just want her to see how feminine she is sometimes. (Sometimes, I'd rather her not, you know.)

Commercial: Take this drug and go from a size 12 to a size 2 !!!!!!

Me: That's crazy. A size 12 can be perfect for someone. Why be crazy about it? I'd kill to be a nice sized 12.

Paige: Me, too.

Pause a moment for new thought to enter Paige's head.

Paige: Yep, I sure would. Both hands around the throat.........

I laughed so hard because my child just comes up with stuff off the cuff sometimes that catches you off guard and can tickle you to no end.

Now, I'm off to get The Boy dressed for school and enjoy my time alone. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE school?


Krys72599 said...

I am totally agreeing with Paige! She's got a great sense of humor!

Domestic Diva said...

Oh, Paige! You crack me up! :)

Crazy Me said...

I wanna come hang out with you. You guys sound like a riot!

paige. duh. who else? said...

Crazy me, you totally should come hang with us. Your name tells me we may have a bit in common. : )

Heyyyy! I should start a tv show!! Yeah! Like...uhm...EVERYBODY LOVES PAIGE. Totally original, right? Hmm..perhaps....
Oh well. It was worth a try...

Haha, jaykay ya'll.