Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Happy Edge

I apologize for my silence the past few days. We took advantage of the long weekend and headed back to South Carolina to see the family. We left nasty stormy weather and went into glorious sunny skies and more bearable temps. The girls were able to stay with us all weekend since their dad had made plans. No one complained because we all wanted them with us anyways. (Sneaking a peek at the ex's schedule through the end of the year shows me he's working Thanksgiving AND Christmas Day this go round...color me happy over this)

My brother informed me while I was there that I never call him. I got all blustery and told him that he never called me either. We bickered back and forth with me telling him that I didn't know his work schedule. Next thing I knew...he had me a copy of his schedule. Oh, the fun I shall have now. I intend on utilizing my knowledge of his work habits to the fullest.

I got a little bit of news to share with all my nearest and dearest friends out there in Internet Land. Last year my husband was injured while out at sea. I've made no secret about this and how when the military put him on limited duty, he lost a few pays that really put a hurt on the Edge financial-wise.

Just a little explanation for those who don't live this life I lead. You can get different pays for different jobs in the military. Hazard duty pay for being in a place of war (which is tax free) is one common example. My husband, at the time, was getting sea pay (for going out to sea, obviously), sub pay (for being assigned to a submarine), and pro-pay (my understanding is that he is a Nuke Electrician and when he works in a Nuke billet, he receives a pay for it). Well, within six months of limited duty...we lost all three of those: sea, sub, and pro-pay. To the tune of around $1500.00 a month, my friends. Oh, yeah, the Edge was not happy about that.

Tuesday of this week, I got a call from my husband. Apparently, he had a doctor's appointment. And not just any doctor's appointment. He was told at the very last minute he had to see the doctor who put him on limited duty. This doctor had the power to make my husband disqualify subs (which means he would not be allowed to work on one). I immediately felt anxiety crawl over my spine. Of course, he remained smooth as always.

Carla and John were over for lunch and my husband scarfed his food down and headed out. Well, we had us a little prayer meeting after he left. And I really didn't know what to ask for. Finally, I just asked God to show His will for us and to let me be happy with whatever went down.

A few hours later I got the call I was waiting for.

The doctor cleared my husband to go back to submarines.

I could hear the happiness and relief in his voice.

This is where I have to tell you. When it comes down to it? It's not about the money for my husband. (It might be a little bit with me because Miss Hope loves having a little extra in the bank). It's about finishing up his career doing what he's been trained to do for the last 18 years. It means leaving our United States Navy on HIS terms...not theirs. Being medically disqualified is not a bad thing. Stuff like that happens. It's a fact of life when you do the jobs our men and women do for our country. I just know that my husband is ready to serve his country doing what he knows best. Being in a metal tube working his butt off instead of stuck behind a desk.

Now, while I'm sitting here basking in the glow...some things have yet to get past that glow. come duty comes my husband going out to sea while I'm here with all the kids by myself......

Yeah. Expect a few tears on that score eventually.

I have a few more things I want to chat with you about, but I have to go get The Boy up and ready for school. Have I mentioned I love school? I try to at least ten times a day for those who know me personally.

Be happy for us, please. It's been a long year. A wonderful year for our family being able to bond and depend on each other....but, a truly sucky one dealing with not so good finances.

p.s. Fellow Sub Wives who read this? Please feel free to correct me if I have any information wrong. It won't hurt my feelings a bit. I've already established that I'm half way ignorant about these things that go on with the Navy.


Krys72599 said...

Yay for your husband, and yay for you, too, Miss Hope. It's always better to be doing what you love, and the extra "ka-ching" doesn't hurt! I'm happy he's returning back to the sub world (in my world that means Italian, w/ cheese, oil and extra vinegar, please!) even though I know it will be tough for you and the children when he goes. Happy for you all!

Tracey said...

I'm happy for him that he gets to do what he loves to do. But it stinks that, when he got hurt while ON DUTY, he had to suffer monetarily because he couldn't do it anymore. I know, it's the way it's done, but it stinks.

Domestic Diva said...

Many many smiles, my dear!! What wonderful news! Now that you've passed this hump won't you be waiting for October too??? For orders that is?? If so, I'll be praying about that.

Please wish Fred the best of luck in the rest of his career!! :)

Carla said...

We are so happy for ya'll. God has really blessed us all with this news. We will most certainly continue to pray for God's will in this direction of ya'lls life. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer either. You know how impatient I am... LOL

C said...

I'm happy for him (and you). Medical disqualification sucks, and I'm glad that wasn't something he had to deal with. Heck, I had to and I wasn't even active yet (and it still sucked).

Yay for being off limited duty!