Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Year Has Passed

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Four complete years. My, how time flies.

It wasn't spectacular and filled with flowers and romance because..well, that's not how I am. That, and the fact that my husband was gone all night Wednesday night due to work. It was a fun part of work, but it meant no sleep for him. I did wake up around 3 a.m. to send him a text message, to which he replied promptly.

At 6:45 a.m. he came home to the chaos that is our home in the mornings before school. We drank a cup of coffee and talked a little about his long night. He was kind enough in his sleepy state to volunteer to take the boy to school.

We decided to go to the Khaki Ball this weekend. This is a Navy related event that happens once a year (around our anniversary). You get to dress up and enjoy pomp and circumstance of a sort. You also get to see a bunch of people get toasty. If you're smart? You take your camera. Pictures come in handy later. Trust me.

Because of this event, I deemed it necessary to get a pedicure and manicure. I have to blame Lu about that as she gave me this for a birthday present back in May and started a new love and appreciation for such a luxury. I got dressed, and left my husband to sleep his night off. Carla went with me because she's that kind of friend. She'd never let me go alone to get the foot and hand goodness without sharing in the joy.

Beauty takes time, Internets. I discovered that the Man would have to go get The Boy so I could finish up. He obliged because he's that kind of guy. I think he might have gotten a little ticked at me because I called him at least three times to make sure he was awake and lucid enough to understand he needed to go. He didn't answer by the third call.

Our base was conducting a security drill of sorts yesterday. I don't know the particulars about it, except it makes it a pain in the butt to get on and off base. God help you if your vehicle is chosen for random inspection. I picked up the kids (Mak and the neighbors kids) from school and sat in line to get back to our home. Word of advice? If you are in the military...don't tint the windows of your vehicle. That just makes a gung-ho security guard all suspicious about you and your life and you are more than likely gonna get your vehicle inspected. Tough if you're running late for an appointment.

We were going to have to pick Paige up from school, so I decided we would all go together in case the base got all crazy and locked every gate for a while. As we were waiting outside the school for her, Fred and I were chatting some. I made the comment that four years ago, I would have never thought I would be sitting in front of a school in Georgia four years later. Fred laughed and said the thought was WAY outrageous. (paraphrasing there) But, in Georgia we are. Together. As a family should be.

Fred informed me that he had high aspirations for our anniversary. Flowers. A nice supper out for the both of us. I told him that I knew he was officially an old man and being up all night was hard on him now.:) I enjoyed my pedicure and manicure with Carla and the Chinese buffet hit the spot where we ate for supper.

I am so glad I still like my husband. Love him? Absolutely. With all my heart. I must...I moved 300 miles away from my family to be with him. I just can't believe that we've been together for six years total and I like him as a person. I didn't have that at all with my first husband and this is a novelty that I hope never goes away. (At this point, I'm sure that's not going to happen.) I talk with other women...some who have been married a short time and others who've been married for many years. Too many of them say they aren't "friends" with their husbands. I find that sad. If you can't have fun hanging out with the person who shares your life and your bed.....then what's the point? Just my thoughts and observations on the subject.

Oh, and please don't be fooled by the title of our party tomorrow night. Khaki Ball? A Ball? Cinderella, I am not. No glass slippers to be found on my feet (although they DO look amazing at the moment)(my feet, that is) I'm not clear on why the Navy insists on calling such things "Balls". I guess they get their kicks where they can. Last I heard, though, beer can be served anywhere.

Today I'm off to find the perfect black shoes to match my outfit. These tootsies of mine should be showcased. That, and the fact that I already had an outfit, so I NEED to buy something new. It's only fair, you understand.

Have a wonderfully Edgy weekend, Internets!


House of Hayes said...

I am glad that Fred SURVIVED his long night and you got some pampering on your feet :D
I am jealous by the way..I want and NEED to go for a pedi .. hhuumm Daddie is home and I just might have to go alone!!
Have a blast at the 'ball' .. And don't forget back up batteries ;)


Krys72599 said...

"Too many of them say they aren't "friends" with their husbands. I find that sad. If you can't have fun hanging out with the person who shares your life and your bed.....then what's the point?"

Words to live by, Miss Hope!

AndreaLeigh said...

I can't wait to see pics of this weekend! I definately know the hassle of getting on base. Here the line to get on was about 3 miles long at one point yesterday. We waited in it for about 40 minutes before I decided that I would pee my pants by the time we actually made it on base. I didn't want to be arrested for indecent exposure so we turned around and went out in town until it got better. :)

Margaret said...

No wonder I couldn't get anyone today to wish you a "HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!" I tried both of your phones. Have fun at the "Ball."
Love, MIL

Get Off My Lawn! said...

You remind me of when I worked on the air force base in Comox, BC. Except when we were leaving, we never got random searched. Instead some guy from the transport section would hide behind a sign and jump out trying to catch people wearing their seatbelts. If you were, he'd give you a five dollar gift certificate for some local shopping. Canadian security. Not quite the same. Happy anny! Enjoy!

Domestic Diva said...

Have a wonderful anniversary, you two!! Enjoy the ball! Too bad we missed you in Jacksonville by one day!! :)