Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Small Edge Update

I'm on the better side of a kind of bad case of bronchitis this morning. I've been fighting this crap since last Thursday and I'm finally to the point I'm tired of feeling bad and I simply have too much to do to be sick anymore. (IF only it were that easy, huh?) I'm still stoved up somewhat, but I'll push through.

Stoved up. What exactly does that mean? I dunno. It's a Southern saying that I've grown up with and every time someone is sick, you hear an older person say, "Bless your heart! You're all stoved up!" All I know is that I am. Stoved up, that is.

Our "Your Grades Suck Intervention" went well the other night. I was firm, but put it all out there. I believe Paige understood completely that the line in the sand had been crossed and my demeanor told her to just deal with it because my mind wasn't changing anytime soon.

Remember I had the bright idea (did I put it here?) that she would do her homework at the dining room table after supper? That way, she would be behind Fred and me while we watched television and we would be there to help her if need be. Well, GAWD, that sister can run her mouth. She never shuts up! She talks the entire time she's sitting there working and we have yet to watch a full show with all our attention. She takes breaks every 10-15 minutes because "her brain hurts". That means we get to see every new dance out there right now and hear all about the soap opera that is her life at middle school. I'm to the point that I'm wondering if it will be better for her health to stay at the dining room table to work or go to the other side and leave us in peace!

Got another good snippet to share. Her math teacher called the other night! He wanted to make sure that we (Mr. Teacher, Fred, and myself) were all on the same page on helping Paige. He assured us that she can do the work required of her, she just needs to get motivated. We were thanking each other profusely the whole conversation. He was thanking us for being involved parents that didn't believe that "teachers are there to make the child learn with no help from home" and we were thanking him for taking his personal time to contact us and that he is willing to work with us. He said he was thinking about moving her around the class until he found a place that works for her concentration and focus. I told him that it was his decision to make and that we would abide by it. We got some good communication going on here, Internets! Our goodbyes ended with me making sure he understood that he could pick up the phone anytime there was a concern or issue and we would be right on top of things.

Speaking of class. Miss Hope is taking mentor training today. Yee-haw. I'm sorry. I'm really looking forward to it, I just don't feel a 100% and I hope I can make it through without coughing my toenails up. This will mean my volunteer career has officially began. Friday, in order to graduate, we have to do a presentation. ~snort~ Some of the gals have said they just hate getting up in front of people to speak. Not me. Anyone who knows me will tell you I got noooooo problem in front of people. Thing is? I gotta make myself focus and stay on the task at hand. I'll get ten kinds of sidetracked and start running my mouth and the next thing you know? It'll be like the Opr*h show or something.

I'll do my best to check back in before too long. The Edge never slows down enough lately for me to really take my time and check in like I'd like to.

~sigh~ Let me go. The Boy is on the other side banging on something like a drum and that means my pregnant neighbor is going to go postal and I might end up having to slap some sense into her and end up in the base brig until my embarrassed husband comes to get me.


Coty said...

I saw you last night! Well, I saw your van heading to Walmart. LOL I tried to catch up and wave, but the stoplight coming off base caught me, and Fred drives too fast! lol

And tell Paige, she can't go through my goods until she gets motivated. Yes, I have once again cleaned out my closet!

And your little Mr. Man makes me look back fondly on pregnancy, when the garbage truck would drive by at seven a.m. and I would go out the door and raise my fist and yell at them. :)

Domestic Diva said...

Does life ever slow down for you, girl?? Whew. I've gotta take a breath just reading!

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh, and tell Carla I said, "WAR EAGLE" for Saturday cause you know Auburn's playing!!! ;)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Much respect for parents who are involved in their childrens' education. I don't get it enough up here. Get well soon and take heart. I have a cake with a nail file with your name on it.

Hope's Hubby said...

I was driving the speed limit. I do not drive too just drive too slow.

It is times like this I wish I could do more than just pray for my lovely wife. If there was something I could do to make all of it go away, I would.

andria said...

your pregnant neighbor will learn soon enough...