Friday, December 07, 2007

Santa Magic

We got some Santa Magic going on around The Edge. Last Saturday, we went to eat breakfast with Santa! Well, we ate breakfast and then the kids got to visit with Santa and tell him all about their wishes. I love the fact that the military does special things for families. They sponsored this breakfast at our base exchange (sort of like a department store) and the turn out was amazing. They had 100 tickets to sell and I believe they had to be sold out.

We arrived and seated ourselves with the U gang (that would be Carla, John and kids). Excitement was in the air as little kids waited on the Big Guy to make an appearance. How smart they were to serve breakfast first and try to get pancakes in little stomachs. Then he showed up.

After settling himself into the big red chair (no relation to the blue dog on t.v.), the line formed. Our kids got in line immediately. It was so cute to watch some of them earnestly tell Santa what they desired to have.

Vitt has finally realized there might be something to this bearded guy. He now has no fear of him and will gladly approach to speak. When you ask what he wants, he will promptly tell you that he wants a sleeping bag and "that's it!". How easy is that?

Makenna, on the other hand, is proving to be a little difficult. When asked what she desires, all we get is, "Oh, all I want is artsy crafty stuff. Santa will know." Well, I hate to tell her, but Santa is NOT a mind reader. I just hope he comes through with some cool stuff and that it will make a decent mess for her.

Then you have Paige. I honestly think she believes most of all. My baby girl has always adored Christmas to the fullest extent. I believe she got that from her Papa and Uncle Brian. My Daddy and brother live for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day all year long. I get the biggest kick out of watching them every year. Paige has no shame in giving her list out. It's long and expensive. Would you expect any less from a teenager? There are IP*D docking stations, flat irons, digital camera, etc etc. See what I mean? All Paige is being told is that she is going to have an awesome Christmas. She's to the point that she tells us to HUSH because to her it's still so far away and her nerves can't take the excitement anymore. Of course, we continue to torture her on a daily basis because we have an "in" with the Big Guy and have a good idea what's coming her way. She is the best sport and partakes in anything. Plus, she wanted a pic to put on that space thingy of hers for all her peeps to see. Whatever, girl. I'm just glad you played along.

I took the picture of Paige and walked up to Santa to thank him for his time. He took a shine to Miss Thang and told me he had her list and it looked good to him. I said....but, it's an expensive one! He said it wasn't a problem. I'm glad HE'S got a good wallet.
We had a wonderful day full of good stuff. We went later that day to the tree lighting ceremony on base. They had all kinds of jumping inflatable thingys the kids all took a turn on. There was free hot chocolate and cookies. Every time I turned around, Makenna was jacking another cookie and cup of chocolate goodness. Thanks, Navy, for giving our family an awesome day we'll always remember!


AndreaLeigh said...

If Santa can't work out that flat iron, let me know. I've got an extra one sitting around the house. ;)

Miss Hope said...

Andrea, that girl goes through flat irons like you would not believe! She's obsessed with them and everytime I turn around, she's worn out another one. Soooo, I might take you up on that offer because I just can't afford to keep buying them.