Monday, December 17, 2007

All I know ....

All I know is that I will not ever take my son with me to finish Christmas shopping again. EVAH. By the time The Man and I headed home all exhausted, I wanted to find a place to hide the body more than I wanted to shop. You know it's bad when you drop The Boy off with his Sissy so you can make a quick final run to Wa*mar* and while standing in line to check out, you lean over and put your head on a box in the cart. Then, your husband bumps the cart and you jump because you were literally dozing. Standing up. That wasn't funny.

Miss Hope has a new phone on the way! It almost took an act of Congress to get it. I've been on the V-name carrier website for a couple of weeks window shopping at night. I narrowed it down to two choices, which The Man and I took a gander at while at Best B*y this past Saturday. I cared not which model we decided on, as I was pleased with both. Last night I settled down at the trusty old laptop to finally make a decision. I let the hubby sit down and look so he could make the final choice. After going back forth a few dozen times, he found he could put both on the same page and compare. Therefore, it required another period of time to do some serious studying. (This is where I roll my eyes and say to other sub wives..."He is such a NUKE." And get sympathy looks thrown back my way.)

We found, to our delight, that one of the phones ended up being free due to a promotion. Merry Merry Christmas to us!!

Now I anxiously await my silver EnV, while Fred awaits his EnV in green. Hey, C? Paige said I couldn't have the orange one because she thinks it's all "ninja" and wants it for herself when her upgrade becomes available. Since you have an orange one...I guess that makes you extra cool already.

One more day of school until 2008. Four more days til we head home. One week until good stuff happens!

p.s. Pardon me while I make Paige's nerves bad. Hey, Paige? You are going to have an AWESOME Christmas! heh heh heh


Paige said...

mmkay, C?
Yeah, yer officially ninja.
be very happy.
you are now the only other person besides me, Mrs.House of Hayes (i know her personally), and the lovely Mrs. Diva (yerp, i know her too. be jealous) who has been dubbed ninja.
so w00t w00t on your behalf.
: DD

and mama?
not cool.
not cool at alllll.

Paige said...

yer ninja cuz my new fav color recently has been orange fer some reason.
Mrs. HOH has an orange car.
you have an orange phone, which i WILL have come 8/22/07.
and Mrs.Diva?
Shes just ninja.

C said...

I'm flattered. I think this is the first time I've ever been "cool." :P

They make silver and green now?

Crazy Me said...

My boy just got a really cool new free phone. I'm stuck with the one I have now. Bummer.

House of Hayes said...

I am glad that you think HOH is ninja :)


Tracey said...

Ninja phone? Very cool.

NEXT WEEK. Can you believe it? 6 more days...

M.L.E said...

Oh wow! You're talking about me when I haven't been on in AGES??? Thanks, Paige! I'm so excited to be "Ninja." Nice. I like that title.

I'll see you in a few weeks!

Paige said...

oh poo! i forgot get off my lawn!
hes ninja cuz he lives in canada.

i think ive covered everyone now.