Friday, December 07, 2007

Mr. and Miss Smooth

You've all been so good to me, I thought I'd give you two posts in one day. Please don't forget to read the next one with the Santa pictures.

Let me tell you about Mr. and Miss Smooth.

Mr. Smooth would be my son. He is just adorable and I see lots of girls calling my house in the future. When we were at the base last week standing in line for the inflatable obstacle course, he absently wrapped his arm around the thigh of the woman standing in front of us. I think he believed he was loving on some Miss Carla...but it wasn't her. The lady was a good sport and when he realized it wasn't anyone he knew, he moved away. Only to go back and rub her thigh again. Lord help me.

Miss Smooth would be the daughter of Dulcie and Brandon. Look to the right of your screen and you'll see a link to her blog "House of Hayes". Miss Smooth's name is ErinLee and she has got to be one of the cutest little girls you'll ever lay eyes on. She and Vitt attend school together and are in the same class. She is as sweet as Vitt is wild.

I talked Dulcie into bringing ErinLee to eat breakfast with Santa and was glad to see them walk in. ErinLee immediately came and sat with us and left Mom and Dad standing.

She proceeded to enjoy her breakfast with the boys while waiting on Santa to arrive.

After some of the excitement died down, I ask if she would take a picture with Vitt. She popped up in the seat with him.

Vitt then, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do, put his arm around her shoulders. Then, ErinLee, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do, put her little hand on top of his, and there it remained.

I started taking pictures. I never got one with both of them looking at the same time, but you gotta admit they're just adorable.

Vitt is sporting a black eye he got from a head on collision on the play ground at school. But, girls love that bad boy look. Even if he does have a dorky face going on.

p.s. Dulcie, I apologize if I wasn't supposed to capitalize the "L" in Miss Smooth's name. Let me know if I need to fix it!


Get Off My Lawn! said...

Wow, those are some cute kids. My daughter wanted to say that the girl looks like she would be fun to play with. I think she's a little hurt that someone, somewhere would have a party without her. She'll just have to get used to it.

House of Hayes said...

I love these pics of them :D
*THANKS get off my lawn* She is a fun little chickie :D Even if I do say so myself !!
Thanks for sending these to me Ms Hope!!
I'll let you know when I photoshop them!


Crazy Me said...

Cuties! So darn cute.