Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Few Thoughts

Just sharing a few thoughts with my nearest and dearest out there....

Don't volunteer to provide something for one child's Christmas party at school. Because next thing you know? You're fixing stuff for all three. Sunday and Monday will find me with some flour on my nose. Ha ha. Not really. The Man is cooking the cupcakes since he's the baker in the family and I'm slicing and baking some frozen cookie goodness for the rest. Hey, don't judge. I got sprinkles, people!

Realize that if you forgot a Christmas card for someone, pray they understand. I get one shot to do all the family letter printing, addressing, and actually getting in the van and driving to the post office to send them off. If you don't get one? It's nothing personal. My house is full of supervisors with no laborers. That's how it goes.

When your son hollers that he is done pooping and he needs you to come wipe his butt.....don't put it off. If you take an extra minute to finish whatever you're'll give him time to figure out he can finger paint himself and the commode with his poop. Yes. It was nasty.

Get a kick out your son loving the color green to the point of obsession. You can put a pile of rocks in a green gift bag and he will declare that he "LOVES IT!" He doesn't care what's inside. I can deal with that.

Also, a big thanks for all the input on a new cell phone. I still haven't decided what the final choice will be, but I'm looking forward to having a phone that will work for longer than three hours.

For those of you who have kids, more so boys, under the age of...oh, around 8 years old? You have GOT to go by your local Hess gas station and get this years truck. It rocks! We get three each year for my nephews and Vitt. Hess even provides the batteries when you purchase one. The other night Fred and I were up wrapping gifts and he was in charge of the trucks. I believe in making sure it works before wrapping and giving. Fred likes to take it up a notch and give each truck a good five minute play. I do have to warn you....they're loud. I almost jumped out of my skin when he found the right button to crank it up. Good times.

After midterm grades came out, Paige had to pull the fat out of the fire again. We allow a B in math since it's hard gifted stuff, but everything else has to be an A. Oh, hush...the kid is capable. So, she usually ends up with restriction until she brings them up. I am proud to say she's out of jail early with freedoms and fun returned. She is a happy baby.

Last thought before I go.........

Remember how I've talked about surprise vehicle inspections coming onto base? Yeah. My advice to those who have to enter the base gates is this: Just because you're in your pajamas and Carla is in her pajamas because you made a Secret Santa gift drop off and you had no plans on getting out of the van because Paige is dressed and she's gonna run in to get you some milk does not mean the guards will understand. They will still make you get out and stand there whilst they search for weapons or contraband. Carla was sporting her pink jammies with polka spots while I was in nappy jogging pants and a toe up shirt. I thought Paige would die of embarrassment.

Kind of made it all worthwhile.


Get Off My Lawn! said...

What is it with kids and poo painting? Yesterday, mine pooed in the tub. Before calling to us that she had had an accident, she practiced writing her name on the walls a few times. I totally sympathize.

jaime said...

i will bake for u:)