Thursday, June 18, 2009

Banner Day it was!!!

Well, Sir, we had us one fine day here at The Edge yesterday. I know some of you are my friend over at the face of book, so you're on top of it, but I saved the pictures for the blog...cause that's how I roll.

Paige reached the fine age of 15 back in April of this year. That, of course, qualifies her to go get her learner's permit and start driving. Sister was not able to go get that piece of coveted plastic because her grades just weren't up to par. The Man and I laid down the law and told her all classes had to be passed with an 85 or greater at the end of year in order for her to drive. She wasn't too thrilled with that edict, but she prevailed and had the grades in the end.

We went to the DMV (ok, this is what I've always called it- DMV- Department of Motor Vehicles) the last week in May for her to get that learner's permit.

It didn't happen.

She aced the signs and was told she wouldn't have to take that again. My poor kid. She was so stressed from those last two weeks of school and anxiety reared it's ugly head when she sat down at the computer to take the test. I told her many people have to take it again and that I knew she would ace it because now she knew what to expect. She was bummed and I can't say I blame her.

I decided that she would wait a week or so before trying again. She was starting a new job that really needed her focus. Plus, she needed to study the book a little more. Ya know, making decisions like this...the ones that upset your tough. She didn't like it as she wanted to go right back and try again, but Mama won and she waited until things settled down a little bit.

Yesterday was the day! I picked her up from work so we could head to see Rose (I told you the whole family is partaking of the counseling). Afterwards, we made our way to the DMV. This time The Boy was with us. He was as good as he could be while Sissy took her test. She really took her time and when she needed help, the lady working there was more than happy to help. Apparently, if people have a hard time comprehending what the question is, the ladies who work there can offer assistance. Good deal.

Next thing I know? My girl is doing the happy dance (literally) as she waits to take her picture for her brand new learner's permit!

I remembered when I got mine....oh, around 23 years ago. Wow. I knew exactly how she was feeling. It's like your first real step to independence is in your hands. It is something you accomplish all on your own. Your parents can only stand in the background offering support. Although, I had to take my test on a paper and wait for them to grade it and she immediately knew as the computer flashed up the "You Passed!" on the screen.

Of course, I took some pictures. You didn't think I would let you down, did you?

Why, yes I did go right on up to the counter and take a picture of my child. The lady looked at me and I replied, "It's for the blog." She said it was no problem and that led me to believe that I'm not the first parent to do this.

I just wanted to cry! I was about to bust wide open because she was just so incredibly happy in this moment.

Is this not the best picture? I know you can remember this moment, when you could FINALLY take the wheel legally!

She wanted to drive home and I nixed that idea quick. We would have to drive past the interstate and all the traffic that surrounds it. She was a good sport and didn't complain, she just texted all her friends like crazy the whole way home.

When we got in base housing, I pulled over to let her take the wheel. YaY!!! Talked about thrilled. I knew base housing would be a good place to start. Very little traffic, 25 m.p.h., and lots of stop signs! She did pretty good but decided that the Tahoe was too big. I told her she's going to learn to drive it and when she does? She'll be able to drive anything! We might have had a tense moment or two when she turned too wild and my voice went up a few octaves telling her to slow down, but we made it through.

Drive on, Baby Girl! I'm so proud of you!!!


Krys72599 said...

YAY, Paige!
So much going on in your life, and it only gets better!
What a way to start the summer!!!

Roni said...

aaawww...I LOVE the one with her holding her permit!

We also taught the kids on the truck & they are great drivers.

Karen said...

How exciting for Paige!!! When I got my license, CT was the only state that didn't require a permit. Once you were 16, you could jump behind the wheel as long as the other person with you had their license for 4 or more years. Now, their laws have changed all over the place. But we still don't have permits like that. It's just a littl piece of paper. That permit she got is just like a license! lol!! Good Luck in teaching her!!

The family said...


Kristi said...

I totally remember when I got my drivers permit. That was one exciting day. My mom even let me take the car to the mall that day. It was the coolest ever! Congrats!

Mrs. Em said...

Dang! You let her drive the Tahoe??? That's one sweet ride, Paige! Congratulations!

How does it feel, Hope??

ronee said...

drive on baby girl! drive on!

loquita said...

Congrats to the new driver!

My mom made me learn on a small Chevy van, and that definitely was for the best -- I like your plan to teach with a Tahoe. :)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Congratlations Paige. I have to admit, I can't remember the experience of getting my learner's permit. Or my full fledged license. I think I learned quickly that instead of a step toward independence, vehicles simply tie you to a financial obligation. I do remember standing by my '78 Honda Civic Hatchback on the side of the road, smoke pouring out the hood, wondering how much it was going to cost me to cost me for a new radiator, wishing I had never gotten my license.

But this is not about me! Congratulations Paige!

Tamra said...

HOW EXCITING !! Congratulations, girlfriend ! That's a great photo on that permit. If my license photo looked half that good, I would be showing it to anyone and everyone. lol

Miss Hope... I'm a little misty for you, sister. My wees are only 4 and 2 and I am going to be a *basket case* when I get to where you are with your beautiful girl. *sigh*

Michelle said...

congrats Paige...this post brings back so many memories...I remember that same feeling that you are showing on that terrific last picture. I'm proud of you!

...and be oh so careful of the other idiots all over the road:)