Monday, June 29, 2009


We have had some awful storms this summer season. I am from the South and have weathered many tropical storms, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. Our weather has been consistently bad the entire summer with hardly a break to be found.

The Man took The Boy to speech around 4ish today. I started supper when I knew they were heading home. By the time 5:15 p.m. rolled around, the weather went from a decent day to wild.

We were eating supper while warily looking out the windows at the rain that was so heavy, we couldn't see the street in front of our home. The winds were blowing so hard the faint shadows of the trees outside looked like they were bending in half.

I might have mentioned to The Man a time or two that maybe we should head to the bathroom with all it's windowless glory. You could say I was just a tiny bit on the nervous side.

Paige was sitting to my right at the supper table and on the other side of her was my cell phone. I asked her to hand it to me.

I proceeded to put it in my bra, nestled ever so nicely.

Paige raised an eyebrow and asked me why did I just do that?

I responded:

"Well, if I get blown to Oz? I need a way to call you to come pick me up."

The storm has passed for the moment, and the cell phone is on the table beside me. I think Paige thinks I have finally gone around the bend. It's good to keep your kids guessing.


Get Off My Lawn! said...

I can't think of a better place to keep a phone in case of tornado. I can't find a bra in my size. But I keep trying.

Kristi said...

That is SO funny! And I totally agree, our kids need to think we are a little bit crazy, so they'll be on edge because we might just actually Lose it one day!

Lishak said...

Lol...these storms are pretty terrible. I have to hold my oldest dog as he shakes his way through them.

The family said...

very funny! I MISS storms like this. Heck, I miss rain.