Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working Girl

My baby girl got herself a job for the summer! A bona fide, paid by the hour, taxes taken out job. Our base here has a teen summer work program for ages 14-16. The teens have to put in an application like any other DOD (Department of Defense) worker and go through the interview process. She walked in with full confidence to that interview and hasn't looked back.

She was pretty sure she was going to end up working at the CDC (Child Development Center). All her references were child care related and she was okay with that. How surprised she was to find she was going to be working at the TVQ (Transient Visitors Quarters- like a hotel on base) at the front desk.

She is also glad she goes to church on a regular basis because she has to dress up for this job. No denim or tennis shoes are allowed at the front desk. Miss Coty sure saved the day because of all the cute clothes she passed on when she purged her closet before moving up North. I'm also glad that the dress clothes I've bought her are getting some use instead of gathering dust in her closet. How happy I am that I've always dressed my children up on a regular basis. My girls are just as comfortable in a dress/skirt as they are in jeans.

Each morning she gets up to make a fresh gallon of sweet tea. I have enforced that she will be taking her lunch and not buying it as that will burn up her money quick like. She has a big cup of tea "to go" along with a 32 oz. container so she can sip all day at work. I love that she went shopping with me at the commissary last week and bought a majority of her own food to take to work. She packs up her little frozen meal she purchased with her own money or the left overs from the previous night's meal in a cute bag and off to work she goes.

Every evening we get to hear all about her exciting day. This has been declared the BEST SUMMER EVAH with memories to last a lifetime. We have some Brits visiting and Paige is thoroughly enjoying being flirted with and listening to that British accent. The older ladies who work with her are very protective and cast the evil eye on many who flirt with my child. Paige declares all the time she can't help that she looks 21...and she really can't. It wears those of us protecting her virtue clean out! I threatened to have a shirt made that says "I AM A MINOR" across her chest for those pervs that abound out there.

Soon she will be certified to work the front desk. I'm not sure what that really means, but she is excited over it. She has plans that when we move, if we are near an interstate or large town, she will have an "in" for a job in the hotel industry to see her through high school and college. I'm pretty sure she will be writing her resume soon.

Right now her short range goals include getting a laptop. She is searching and price comparing very seriously to get the very best bang for her buck. Money is being saved for her cell phone upgrade in September so she can get whatever her little gadget heart desires.

I am so proud of her I can't hardly stand it. Sure, she's tired in the evenings and sometimes grouchy. She was scared at first and thought something was wrong because she would come home and sleep every day. I laughed and said she was just tired from working! Paige has now come to the conclusion that being cheery and a people person is flat out exhausting. Whew. (Those of you who know her can totally see her saying that.)

She's a good kid. I'm tough on her and expect a lot out of her. She delivers.

That's my girl.


Jenn and Eric said...

Congrats to Paige. Its amazing how different children can be. My aunt is having a tough time convincing my cousin to get a summer job. "But Mom, it cuts down on my pool time". So, hurray to you Paige! I hope you spend that hard earned money on something spectacular.

Krys72599 said...

Yay for Paige!
Wish some of her "get up and go" would head in the general direction of my lazy, slower-than-molasses nephew who was offended by the woman who asked him last week, "You're 18 and you're applying for your first job????"

Dani said...

Hurray for Paige ... sounds like she's having a great time and doing well.

I Am Boymom said...

Yay for Paige! My whole family needs some of her energy and enthusiasm right now! Hubby and I are both on the hunt again...maybe I need to go try a hotel!

ronee said...

and she is baby sitting at night..she is pretty amazing! Way to raise an awesomely productive child! did she ever buy that plane ticket?

Mrs. Em said...

I'm just so plum happy for her! I remember her telling me on the last day of school that she wanted an ipod touch with her money that she was going to be earning. She was so excited! I'm glad things are going so well for her.

Congratulations, Paige. Don't worry, your body will get used to the energy adjustment. Keep getting your rest at night!

Joe and Samantha said...

Take some credit. She's a GOOD kid BECAUSE you had expectations and were tough on her.

You need a celebration too!