Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm going to squeeze him to death.

I know. Two posts in one day. Deal with it. I'm like a solar eclipse. It happens once in a while.

So today is trash pick-up day. And Vitt is like any other little boy. He loves him a big truck. He has the blinds open so he can see the truck stop at each building, put the cans on that lifty thing, and ride on to the next.

The truck is in front of our house. OH JOY, PEOPLE! There is a female driver today. She is sitting there looking as bored and out of place as she can. It is apparent that she went through no extra trouble appearance-wise to drive the trash truck today. She glances towards our building and there's my baby...waving frantically and hollering "HEY! HEY THERE!" A small transforms her face as she waves back just as big. They both wave big and wild as she drives off.

She has a smile on her face. She is someone's hero.

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