Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Season 2006

Another successful Christmas mission accomplished.

On the way home last Saturday, Paige made the comment that she felt she could go faster than our van was going down the interstate. That baby was ready to see her Nana. And Paige is the only person I know who can make friends with other people on the interstate. She got out her green and red a few note cards and proceeded to write this on them and put them in the window on her side.


Merry Christmas!

one card had a Christmas tree with presents underneath.

I was in the left lane passing another fellow mini-van who had NO IDEA what cruise control was. It was a young driver who, when she looked at Paige's window...did a bouncy "ho ho ho" and waved at Paige. That's my Paige...never meeting a stranger.

Christmas Eve we went to our home church for a cantata. Our choir rocks and I just felt that was the best place for our family to be before we headed over to Mama's house to open all the goodies. It pissed Makenna off. She read the program and counted down the songs as they were sung. Well, they didn't really put the last song on the program and when they started singing....that sister was just disgusted.

She said..."Can we just go already?????"

We stayed for the rest, of course.

We cut our visit short due to illness. I was feeling puny and Big Daddy decided we would head on back to Georgia in case I needed to go to the doctor on Friday. The military will close a facility for any reason they can think of, so we knew if I got worse.... it would be Tuesday before I could be seen.

Apparently, we were all sick....Fred being the exception. After going rounds with Tricare yesterday, we were all four seen. This is how it went. Vitt- upper respiratory infection, Makenna- Upper respiratory, Paige- sickest out of group- sinus and upper resp. And me?? Throat infection. JUST LOVELY.

One quick visit to the base pharmacy and our medical needs were met. For free.

We also have house guests that came back with us. My nieces Emily and Erica are visiting whilst their mom- my life friend Lu- goes on a cruise. The dog. The twins are loving Georgia and I truly enjoyed having them here with us. Lu is gonna pick them up Sunday on her way through and I do believe I might miss them. But, whoever said boys eat alot......they obviously didn't have girls. Good Lawd! This group is going to eat us out of house and home!

So, today, we're just all hanging around in our gowns....taking it easy. The girls all got a webkin for Christmas. It's a stuffed animal that you can go online and "raise" it. They're all red-eyed from staring at the computer. Emily says, "This is the bestest present EVAH". (She's a Southern Belle in training)

I am employing evil ways around here, too. They were all excited at the fact we're going to have hot dogs and fries for supper. They smelled a trick when they had to eat a good salad for lunch. Eating three bites...thinking they were done? I offered to put the bowl in the fridge so they could finish it for supper. We had very clean bowls by the end of the meal.

I heard we're having a new year coming in tomorrow night. 2006 was such a life changing year for me....for my family. I look forward to HOPEFULLY having a peaceful non-stressful year in 2007.

Yeah, right.

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Crazy Me said...

I hope you're feeling better. I was seriously sick over the holidays too. Isn't it the worst?!!