Friday, December 22, 2006

To My Son

Dear Vitt,

You are two. And because you are two, you don't realize what Mama and Dad have to do in order to get this family of five home for Christmas. Mama has been washing and cleaning all day long to prepare for a packing frenzy before she goes to bed. Daddy worked all day and has run errands trying to wrap things up. We just have the best intentions of leaving this house around 7 a.m. because we are ready to get home, son!

And can you believe that I actually had the insane thought to clean my jewelry today so it would be all sparkly and pretty for pictures taken in the next week? I know I used one of your teeny medicine cups and put it to the side. My idea was to clean it all before going to bed and have it laying out to dry. Why, I even threw Makenna's earrings in for good measure!

The stool. Oh, how you love the stool. You utilize that tool every single chance you get. Hence an hour or so earlier. You pulled that stool right up to the kitchen sink to play in the faucet. That's cool. But, then you had to spy the teeny cup sitting there. And you were dying of thirst. And proceeded to dump said cup so you could quench that thirst.

Then I walk in. And lost all semblance of composure and religion I had in my body.

Little Boy, you better be glad your Daddy will stick his hand down the garbage disposal. You better be durn glad he knows how to dismantle the garbage disposal under the sink when there was one single little earring left to find.

And you better extra durn glad it fell out when he did.

It sure saved your butt from getting choked for Christmas.