Sunday, December 10, 2006

Telling on Paige

I'm almost positive I've told you how Paige is now cooking our meat on the George Foreman grill. She has completely taken over that part of the meal on Sunday and is asking for the GF 5. Didn't know such an animal existed. Soooo.... you think she wants the upgraded grill or the ipod nano?? I know which one I'd wish she really wanted.

So, today she and I are cooking Sunday dinner after getting home from church. I'm running around taking care of everything but the meat. She is manning her grill with her tongs and spices. We were finishing up for the most part when she said to me,

"This is going to be some GOOD meat because I've been licking the air."

She. Kills. Me.


the in-famous paige from the blog..yay.. said...

MOM!!! How could you!! That's it..I'm going to start a blog and tell about your embarassing stuff!!! So ha! and ha again!!! LOL Whatever... (SAVE THE COOKIES!!)

At least the meat was still good!!!

Miss Hope said...

Who gave this child my link?

Fred, wipe out your history on your laptop when you're done. She's a sneaky one.