Friday, December 08, 2006

Mass know, the usual

Fred and I are going to his Christmas party this evening. And I really want to go because the Navy dishes out some really good door prizes, people. And don't be's the least they can do!

Three weeks ago, I asked our upstairs neighbor if she could watch Vitt and Makenna while we go. She's a great girl and with three younger siblings...I know she's quite capable. So, the younger two are to go upstairs with her and Paige can do her bachelorette thing down here in our home. Works all the way around.

This morning Mistress Scrooge asks if Vitt can stay with her. She will be lonely. He is fun.


We've decided to let him go ahead and stay with her. Rudolph and Frosty are to come on tonight, so that's two hours of pleasure viewing for the two of them and she can lay down with him to go to sleep. Miss Upstairs Neighbor will be nearby if Paige should need immediate assistance.

What about Makenna?

That sister will go on upstairs. I don't think Paige's generosity extends to letting her sister live if left alone with her.

Besides, Mak can scam a foot long coney from Sonic out of neighbor. She's good that way.


Paige, the worlds best daughter!!! (not!!) said...

well..gee..thanks you too..and please don't get that glitter mess!! i'll go to school sparklin like a christmas tree!! i'll be nice!! i promise!! lol gonna go...i love u!!

P.S. Can you please please please let me make my own blog?!?!

Miss Hope said...

Lord help me.