Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Only Fair, I Supose

It's only fair that I tell on my own self.

Last night, Paige went to a Christmas Sunday School party. After getting home, she and I were over in the west wing of the house...she on the laptop and me on my computer. We were talking about the party and playing the best game EVAH.

I have all these cubby holes on my desk that I have stashed lots of things in. Order in chaos kind of thinking. In one, I knew there was a bag of vanilla wafers that I keep for Vitt in the mornings. I decided I wanted a couple of those cookies.

I was playing the card game while reaching for the bag..that was behind some papers.

Now, Vitt has this fascination with shoe laces. If he finds a shoe with a lace...he finds it necessary to remove them. Drives us crazy trying to keep up with them. Apparently he had taken Makenna's brown ones out and I had stuck it in the cubby for safe keeping.

It was wrapped around the bag.

And I pulled the bag out without really looking.

And the shoestring came with it. scared me.

So I screamed.

And started shaking my hand like crazy. While still holding on to the bag of cookies.

I startled Paige, too, and she wanted to know what was going on. I was explaining to her as I am to you and then I finished with....."All I know is I HAD TO SAVE THE COOKIES!"

She thought this was the funniest thing in the entire free world and almost hurt herself laughing at me.

I guess you had to be there.


the in-gamous paige from the blogs... said...

haha..thanks mom...that means a lot to me.but im still gonna start a blog and blab on ur "dirty lil secrets"...and i dont think suppers gonna be good tonight...the air doesn't taste all that u.

Crazy Me said...

LOL! Those are the best moments. I love being scared and it turns out to be something silly!