Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bummed Ankle

I must mention that Paige decided to be a Light Bright this past Saturday. There was a skateboard left on the cul de sac playground and she thought she could just hop on it and ride. She did. For a few feet. Then she fell. And Fred admits to laughing at her until he realized she was injured.

*insert injured ankle right about now*

After she broke her foot a couple of summers ago, I knew she hadn't broken it. Back then, she literally threw up from the pain. She says she didn't. I know she did. Don't listen to her. I know she did.

I finally got her an appointment yesterday. They immediately did an X-ray. No broken bones. She was diagnosed with a severe sprain and put on crutches for 10 days. The Lieutenant was great and I wouldn't mind using him as a doctor again. We're to go visit him again in 10 days so he can check to see if healing is going well.

Everything was cool. Until she tried to use the crutches. Not so cool then. Girls just aren't made with good upper body strength. I had it at one time because I worked like a dog with weight training....but it sure wasn't just something that happened naturally.

We had a war of sorts this morning. Suffice it to say that I am the world's worse Mom EVAH. I wasn't going to make her use the crutches because she was walking okay. I just wanted it elevated during class. Then she opened her mouth.

Why did she do that?

She opens mouth and out comes smart comments. It's like cocaine. She's addicted or something to it.

She says....You better hope I don't see anyone from the doctor's office because I'll tell them you won't make me use my crutches.

Oh yeah?

Go get them.

We then proceeded to have war over the fact that she didn't want to use them and the fact that she opened her mouth and now she was. There were raised voices. A few tears on her part. A stubborn set mouth on mine.

Fred took her to school with crutches.

I emailed her teachers and asked that she be MADE to elevate her foot. Yes, I did.

She's worse than a boy about getting injured. I've never known a girl to get hurt like this one and she doesn't even play sports!! Or walk fast!

She's not even 13 yet. Maybe I ought to go ahead and invest in graduated sized crutches and a wheel chair.

Just in case.

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