Monday, January 29, 2007

Family Time

Friday afternoon Paige came to us with incredibly HUGE blue pleading eyes. Apparently this movie was coming out. Dude, it's like EPIC and everyone is going and I seriously need to go so I'm not like a social misfit and will totally be able to take part in conversations Monday at school. PLEASE please please don't make me miss it.


My baby is going to be 13 in April. She will be a teenager. I know I need to cut the string but it's so freaking hard when all I can remember is her 3lb 2oz self lying in an incubator. The love and need to protect her from all harm and foe that flowed unexpectedly through my hormonal veins then is no different now. I see danger for my children that they could never see and my nightmares of them being abducted and taken from my bosom haunt me quite frequently.

Okay. Enough of the dramatics.

We let her go. Dropped her off at the front door with goofy looking boys and squealing girls. Made sure she had her cell phone and drove off. Got some Sonic and made a quick trip to Walmart. As we headed home, I text messaged her (because I'm all cool and stuff and know how to text talk really well*) and told her to call and let us know AS SOON as the movie was over.

She called about 30 minutes later and I set off to get her. Back in South Carolina we lived 30-45 minutes away from a theater. It's still a marvel for me to only have to drive 5-10 minutes to get to one now.

When I drove up, there had to be the biggest group of young teens I've ever seen outside of her school. I believe every single one of them went to see this stupid movie. Then I counted 3 cop cars. Oh, really now?

Here she come to the van all giggly and bouncy with two friends. I was properly introduced before we left to come home. It seems the theater lets the cops come in and "supervise" large crowds. I believe they wear the uniform and get a free movie pass to look all official. What ever works. I don't have a problem with it. She had a ball. I believe she did some growing up right in front of my eyes.

Now comes Saturday night. Heh heh heh.

Fred deemed it Family night. We were all going to sit and watch the movie Cars. As a family. Boy, that ticked Paige off. She wanted to hibernate in her room. Listen to music. Talk on the phone with her friends. Nope. Her presence was required in the living room for movie viewing. She got to do her thang on Friday night. Saturday night belonged to the family.

She huffed. She puffed. Fred held his ground. Makenna popped popcorn. We all settled in.

Until the cars come on. Then Vitt was in testosterone heaven. They were fast. He had to get up and show us all how fast he could go. He almost took out a door and stool in his excitement. Finally, he was settled and we sat to enjoy the movie.

Mid-way through I stepped out to make a cup of coffee and whatnot. I was gone too long. Paige came hunting me and said I HAD to get back in there.....I was missing good stuff!

Is that right?

So, Family Night was a success. Vitt passed out half-way through. Full of popcorn and milk.
Thank Goodness. Our house can't take a two year old who acts like he's on speed.

*You can ask anyone who calls my cell and gets voice mail. I inform them right off that I probably won't check my voice mail, but will get a text quickly. Goes with the territory of having a text freak child.

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Paige..yeah.. u no me.. =] said... left out the little fact that I almost broke my ankle...skateboarding...and that it is now all swolle up and stuff.. grr.. all purpley and blueish.. and soreeee.... anywayzzz.. yeah.. that happened saturday..I have an appointment tomorrow..I think its broken..I can walk around on it, but when I broke two bones in my foot two summers ago, I could kinda sorta walk on it.. Well... I'm off to elevate my foot with my beloved frozen peas...peace ya'llll......