Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Burn Me a New One

Go ahead. Burn me a new one. I don't care.

Fred and I have "spirited discussions" about the military from time to time. Today, at lunch, was the scene of another one. I'm just not a conformist by nature. It's not that I set out to be difficult, because I really don't. (I heard that snort out there in internet land) I just have my own opinions and thoughts on subjects. I' m not even saying I'm always right, but I know how I feel.

We were discussing one of the boys in our Navy. Apparently he doesn't want to be in the military anymore and decided to take off for parts unknown.* Did you know after so many days, the Navy (or any branch of service) will put out a sort of A.P.B. to all police departments in the country. If this guy gets stopped for anything or is involved with police in any way, they can run his license and the lovely message "WANTED BY THE MILITARY" shows up. He is immediately arrested on the spot.


So, I just climbed up on my horse and proceed to ask my husband, "So what then? They bring him back to be put in jail because he didn't want to work for you anymore?" And I swear my husband must think the house is bugged or something. Or he could be working on his political career. Who knows. But, he gives these pat answers that are neither negative or positive. Just an acknowledgement I've said something. He tells me that if these rules weren't in place, people would just up and leave.

Spank that horse and get him running.

Then I reply.."What does that tell you about how our military is run then? That people....if given the opportunity to leave with no serious repercussions...would leave in droves."

Of course Mr. Navy replies that he doesn't feel that would happen. And our military would go down the tubes if it did. That's why there are rules!

Giddy-up, Hoss.

Big sigh on my part. I told him it was babysitting a bunch of kids. Which in a sense it is to the new ones coming in. They may have that "I'm-A-Man" or "I'm-A-Woman" complex going on, but the truth of the matter is: They still can't walk in the store and buy a beer. They can shoot a gun, kill a person, launch a grenade, and wear camouflage. I don't say this to offend anyone in the young age bracket. You just don't know jack. Nothing. Seriously.

Then came a small discussion on brainwashing. It's obvious that the army and marines have to brainwash to a certain degree. Well, to me it's obvious. I think there's a conspiracy theory in that when these kids get inoculated in boot camp- they give them a shot of something that kills a part of the rational brain so they're able to walk into dangerous situations with real bullets. It kills or numbs the rational part so they are enabled to kill or be killed.

I got serious thoughts on this stuff, people.

Lord only knows what they shot in my husband's butt when he was in boot camp. Hopefully it's worn off 17 years later. I told him he was now the brainwashER instead of the brainwashEE.

And can you believe he STILL loves me? My mouth overloads my butt on a regular basis and he STILL wants to hang out with me. Hmmm. Must be the pot roast that keeps him hanging around.

*Please understand that Fred does discuss work with me from time to time. He never mentions names and nitty gritty details. I don't want to know the particulars- it won't benefit my life in any way.

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