Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's all Nana's fault

I warned my mother that I was going to blog about this.

My kids have a good Nana. She loves all her grankids...says each one has something special about them.

Back in Nana's day, small babies and kids took a quick bath in the sink. I know each of her six grankids have taken a bath in her kitchen or bathroom sink at least once in their lives. We even have the cutest pictures of Paige doing this.

Vitt, being the smallest(by a hair..he's catching up with Cousin Cayden quickly), has been the most recent to take a bath in Nana's sink. That boy loves his Nana and Papa....they can get him to do things I never could.

Well, Vitt's not like normal kids. He's real sharp and independant. He's discovered here at our home, he is quite capable of giving his own self a bath....in our bathroom sink. And you better watch him, or he'll be naked in a flash.

It's almost become a daily occurance for him to go missing and to be found in the bathroom sink. Thing is...he's not quite adapt at doing this on his own. We have a small sink and he's got a juicy butt. Not fat...just juicy. We are also not equip at recreating Niagra Falls. Which is what happens when he sits that cute little hiney of his down in the sink. Nor are we prepared when he gets soap. Everywhere. Talk about slip-sliding away.

I've tried to explain that we only do this at Nana's house. He, then, in his broken English says.....I go to PapaNana's?? I go to PapaNana's?

Thanks, Mom.

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