Friday, January 12, 2007

Power to the Point

Just when I think she's quit amazing me for a while.

Paige is self-taught smartness. She's so freaking independent. If there's something she doesn't understand....she hacks and hacks at it until she figures it out. This can be good. This can definitely be bad sometimes.

She's finding her niche in the gifted class. She's a point away in each class from having an A. Normally this would freak me out because I insist on all A's. Someone was kind and gracious enough to point out to me that I needed to chill out. B's in gifted were like BIG A+'s in regular class. Point taken.

I love this school. The gifted teachers constantly tell their students to think outside the box. Take a different route than normal to get to your conclusion. The kids get tired of hearing it....but I really think it's working.

Take for instance:

I'm not sure which class she was working for last night, but she had a project due today. Each student was given the flag of a country. They had to make a flag. No printing off the computer and turning it. Hand-made, people. To scale. Hand drawn. Let's not forget the all important report due on said flag and country.

Paige jumped clean out of the box. She got the brilliant idea to do a power point presentation. I'll be honest with you. I didn't even know I HAD power point on my computer. Never had any use for the program. So, last night she retires to the East Wing to work on her presentation. Of course, she had some Grey's Anatomy going on behind her. (MAN, that was a good show last night)

An hour later my attendance was required to enjoy the show. Dang, if she didn't do it. I was down right impressed. She had music added in. Everytime a new page came up she would clap all excited-like and say over and over..."YaY Me!" YaY Me!"

I asked her how did she know how to do power point? She replied..."I found it one day and have been messing around with it, so when the time came...I'd know how to use it." See what I mean?

She emailed it to her teacher to be shown in class today. I can't wait to see if she got far enough away from the box for the teacher.

Sweet Daddy Fred made a quick late trip to Walmart to purchase construction paper and poster paper for the flag. We forgot the glue. I hate last minute projects. I'll be fair to Paige...she got the assignment Tuesday.

I went to bed around midnight. Left her to her work.

She got three hours of sleep.

Should a 7th grader have that much homework????

Oh, and at the end of her power point.....she has the curtains and in front of them is her name, block number, and teacher.

Don't forget the applause in the background.


~*FaBuLoUs DiVa*~ said...

LOL..Believe it or not, that project was for my MATH class..And after I finished that, I had to do A LOT of social studies and a more math...I started homework at 7:00PM and finished at 3-3:30 AM..You tell me..Too much homework??

Tracey said...

That's great! And that does seem like a lot of homework...

Crazy Me said...

Applause, applause to your genius child!

~*FaBuLoUs DiVa*~ said...

yes..yes I am.. I'm also FABULOUS and ADORABLE so I guess GENIUS might fit in there somewhere... hmmm..yeah..I think I can fit it in there somewhere.. =] Doncha just love me?

Miss Hope said...

See what I have to live with???????