Friday, August 31, 2007

Tell and Show Friday from The Edge

What a week we've had. I am still recovering from our adventures this past Wednesday. That, and the fact that Paige is running for President of the Student Council of her school. She is wearing me out with all her ideas and the fact that this is only her second year in this town and no one will vote for her because the other girl that is running has , like, been here for forever and she won't work like Paige will and is, like, all about other stuff that is not for the better good of the school but Paige really can't put the girls down because she's, like, so popular and really nice too so it's just a bad deal but she still wants to win and bring power to the people!! See what I mean?

The girl is upset there is no formal debate in front of the whole school. They pretty much get to put posters up and try and win a popularity contest. Too bad. She's already put in a request to the teachers to be allowed to speak publicly about her ideas and platforms. Girlfriend doesn't play when it comes to her beliefs and when she gets into her competitive mode. (I know. She gets that from me.)

We've been campaign headquarters this week.

Now to The Boy.

Vitt had his first dentist appointment this past Wednesday. I wasn't too awful concerned about it as I've been taking his sisters for ten years now. The first trip is never completely smooth. Except for Paige. She got to lay on top of me in the chair and she loved the hygienist so much, fear was never an issue. Makenna wasn't so easy. She refused to let the machines near her mouth, but she did lay in the chair and let them brush her teeth with a toothbrush. After that? I never had another problem with her.

Now we got Vitt.

The Boy wouldn't even sit in the stupid chair. And this is a pediatric dentist. I thought that would make it all smoother for him.


Back home in South Carolina, our dentist there would NEVER make a child do anything. This practice? Was all about Vitt sitting in my lap, then putting his head in her lap so she could check out the pearly whites. And I know he needs to have his mouth checked. He's just so freaking strong. We were both sweating by the time all was said and done. Fred stood to the side trying to reason with a screaming little boy. He had to step in and grab a little fist that was determined to make contact with one of the people holding him. I gotta say, though, they never hurt him. That hygienist kept talking in a sweet calm voice the whole entire time. She rubbed his head and crooned to him right through his screaming.

And guess what?

When you scream, your mouth is open and all teeth are showing.

We did the same trick when the dentist came. All was pronounced well. It was remarked that he had beautifully white teeth. I responded that it was all the milk he drank. Then, we were told to back off on the milk. Yeah, okay. You tell Cow Boy he can't have his milk. I'm not gonna do it. Sometimes that's the only thing that gives me peace at The Edge.

Carla and her kids went with us at the same time. We didn't know if we would have to tag team and help each other out, but they took Vitt first. Then all three of hers went back at one time. It was Jace's first visit also. He and Vitt are the bestest of buddies now. I had to get a photo of the two of them practising showing their teeth. Jace, in all his four year old maturity, cooperated fully. Bless him. Maybe he'll give Vitt some "cool" lessons. (And he's quick to tell you that Miss Hope loves him, too.)

Of course we took pictures for future blackmailing purposes. Did you doubt that?

Oh, and Vitt wasn't allowed to get a sticker or prize at the end of the visit. He saw the stickers. He saw the prize drawer. I wouldn't let him have one. Am I a hard case? I sure am. I informed him that the next time he came, if he let them brush his teeth, he would be allowed to pick something. The hygienist looked at me in wonder and said, "You're old school. I LIKE that!" Mama don't play. I will not reward a child for acting like a complete froot loop. The hygienist said she wished more parents were like me.

Without further ado, I give you Vitt's first dentist appointment.

The partners in crime pose in a very serious manner out in the waiting room.

Hopefully, he'll get his heart right and come around to my way of thinking. Mama believes in good oral hygiene. There's no negotiating allowed on this issue.
And I truly hope this embarrasses the snot out of him one day.


Carla said...

At least he's only 3...there is still hope. AInsley pretty much looked the same way and she's 6. What are we going to do??? LOL

Miss Hope said...

Girl, it's called benadryl.

Krys72599 said...

Your 2nd picture of The Boy was terrific! Who cares if he's embarrassed? As long as he has strong white teeth as you're showing that picture to your future daughter-in-law, we're okay with the embarrassment thing...

Domestic Diva said...

Too funny!!!

Paige - I'm proud of you for trying to get the word out about your beliefs for your school. Good for you!! Keep up the good work.

Vitt - Whew. Just looking at those pictures wears me out, boy! Give your poor Mama a break one of these days.

And as for the milk, well. I'm with ya. We've got a milk loving boy and when his doctor said to back off to only two sippy cups a day, I had to stifle a laugh. At least now he'll tell you when he wants that's a good thing. But he still drinks at least 4 sippy cups worth a day. Strong bones, I say!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Alas, most school elections are just popularity contests. And we all know that school popularity is often based on how mean one can be. I am impressed that this opponent is popular AND nice. But more impressed that Paige is serious about serving and making a difference. That is a rare thing even in adults. Go get 'em.

Andrea said...

What a brave boy! It will get better. I'm 28 and still freak out of a dentist visit.

andria said...

My sister took my neice to the dentist two months ago and was determined she had a cavity. Maybe it was the fact that she let the girl eat lik em aid at 10 months, but anyway, she loved the dentist the first appt. Two weeks ago they went in for the fill and the little snot let them give her the shot to numb it(worst part) but flat out refused to open her mouth for the filling. My mom said she feared CPS would come for her after witnessing my sisters attempts to pry her mouth open. The dentist didn't even work with her to help her. So, she paid for the appt., but no filling. My sister is still livid over it, but it will be a fun memory one day I tell her.

Crazy Me said...

Dentist visits are awful. Just awful! Poor little guy!

Jacinda said...

I gave you an award!