Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Boy's Life

The boy has had him some kind of life in the past week. He officially turned four. He got presents. He had a well child check up with FOUR shots for vaccines.

It only seems right that I dedicate this blog post to him. It only seems right that I accompany this post with a few life pictures. Just because he's so stinkin' cute. Even the doctor at his appointment got so tickled at him she had to ask how we keep from squeezing him to death. I told we usually give into the urge and squeeze the stuffing right out of him. When she asked if he could sing the "ABC" song, he told her no. He then went into a great version of "Row Row Row Your Boat"...straight into "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"....straight into "ABC's". When he wrapped it all up, she very reverently said that in all her career, she had never had a montage. She was very impressed.

I told you The Boy loves green. And all that is green power ranger. My friend Mandi is a pastry chef and makes the most amazing tasting cakes. Even if it is green. He thought this was the most AWESOME cake evah.

I love balloons on a birthday. Nothing makes a kid happier than a HUGE balloon bouquet just for them. Add in a pack power ranger ones and you've scored big time.

Going to the doctor isn't so bad when you get the exam room that has the fire truck table in it! Since he isn't a sickly child, he doesn't see a room like this often so he hasn't grasped the concept that it's not polite to go snooping behind closed doors. This table has at least 5 doors on it he had to see behind or die. (ha ha ha...just noticed he wore the same outfit to the doctor that he wore a week earlier at his party!) Emily would say it's perfectly alright to wear Auburn colors on a regular basis.

After shots were over with, we had to wait around 20 minutes just to make sure he didn't have an immediate reaction. We went in the waiting area where the television was and I told him he needed to make a sad face because of the shots. This was the result. I think he could trip over his bottom lip. The rest of the day he walked around moaning and saying..."Ooooooooh, my shot hurts" as he rubbed his poor aching thighs.

This was on our last trip home to South Carolina. He jacked Mu's blanket and when I turned, I was sore afraid of his pink ghost-liness.

Sissy went and bought that famous guitar game for our whee. It HAS to be a genetic kind of thing. Note the wide-legged stance he automatically falls in to when the strap goes around his back. He can't play this game at all, but he has the attitude, look, and heart. That's what's important, right?

Wasn't this just worth the wait, Internets? I have enjoyed being this kid's mom all week long. It's like he hit four and just started growing wide open.

Four must be the magic number for him.


carla said...

My poor baby with those shots. I remember Jace taking those same shots last year. The guitar stance is adorable. It must be a guy thing since Jace can kick his leg up and play air guitar on a whim. LOL I am so honored to be a part of Vitt's life and watch him grow this last year. He truly is a special boy!

chelle's winks said...

I luvvvv that guitar picture...He is so funny.

Glad he was so tough about the shots.

Great pictures...Happy Birthday again "big boy"

M.L.E said...

What an honor to see my pictures on here!! It just brings my heart a smile. :) <--- See, that's the exact replica of the smile on my heart.

And yes, I am in complete agreement that Auburn colors should be in constant rotation...I believe Jeremy is in agreement with me as well.

OneHungMan said...

Good looking kid.

House of Hayes said...

I am glad that we could be there to celebrate ... and I am glad we weren't there for the shots.He did good .. it would have been ME needing the smelling salts :)

I love the guitar picture too..!!! He looks like he is rockin out! I need to make him a shirt!! :)

And WHO'S Bday is NEXT??? :) Bring on the NINJA party! You know it is going to make history books *LOL*

jaime said...

vitt is adorbale...those are really good pictures. i love the one of him on the exam table!

Sugar said...

He is too cute! My Little One is four too, it's amazing how independent they want to be, cause when you're four, you're a "big kid".

Anonymous said...

I can't believe our tiny babies are already 4 years old. Reading this makes me sad b/c I know Vitt and JC would be total BFFs if we lived closer. Can I also say they actually look creepily (is that word?) A LOT and I mean A LOT alike. He is so adorable, I would squeeze the snot out of him too!

ally said...

Hey Miss Hope :]
tell paige to find me on facebook or myspace or something :]

-ally pike

Miss Hope said...

Thank you all for the kind comments!

Sugar? Isn't it just crazy how they seem to bloom overnight?

COLEY!!!! GIRL!!! We so need to catch up. I need a Jonah fix and need to see know? Vitt's long lost twin.

Miss Ally? I assure you that girl will seeking you out soon!

Pikes Pickles said...

Oh my gosh, savor every moment of this boys cuteness! He is adorable. Time flies all too quickly!

The Man on the Edge said...

I keep reading this waiting for chelle to comment about the Auburn colors.....because, they are also eerily the same as her favorite team.

We do have a good time with Vitt. He does keep us on our toes. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

chelle's winks said...

to the man...isn't orange and purple beautiful...Hey I know he will be a true Clemson fan...I started him early. I got him an autographed sweatshirt from the Tiger and Tiger cub this weekend! That should make him "top dog" in