Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Phase

We got that girl registered for high school yesterday. It was almost a kind of a surreal experience.

First off, the high school campus here is so freaking huge! I firmly believe it's bigger than the college I attended "back in the day", that is now a university. We had no clue where we were going at all. Finally, I called my neighbor who has a kid in high school and warned I was about to lose religion and needed some help. Debbie came through for me like she usually does. Well, she did after I got all turned around and finally handed the phone to Fred. I have to admit...I was about ill when we finally got to where we were going.

Honest to the Good Lord above, the 9th grade center is as big as my high school back home. Probably bigger. They keep the freshmen separated from the older kids and integrate them during the year. I suppose this is to keep from overwhelming them. I was overwhelmed by the size of the campus and was so glad I wasn't the one having to deal with it.

We sat down to discuss next year's choices for classes with a teacher she has now. I'm not so sure I like this teacher. She's older but she has a fake smile and laugh. She just didn't rub me right. But, then again, I could have still been ill over the whole finding the right building issue.

Paige is determined to do ROTC. Argh. I just don't want her to! I'm not going to tell her she can't. I flat out told the teacher that my family had done enough military time and maybe it was time for others to kick in and make the sacrifice. (man, didn't that almost sound bitter?) I just want her take other courses, like business law, or advanced computer technology. Of course, Paige and I butted heads right there in front of God and everyone. You know...when you talk through clenched teeth while smiling (even though you're not fooling anyone within a 3 ft. radius)? She's taking all gifted classes. She's eligible and by golly, she's going to do it. She got pissed because she wanted to take a basic math to have things easier. No ma'am, not happening. Then I got the "Mama, you gotta let me make choices!". No, I don't. By law, Fred and I make the choices until she is grown and gone out of our house and relies on us for, food, clothing, and insurance. Deal with it, Sister.

How can you just disconnect the "BAD CHOICES" button on kids? Because you know they're gonna make choices that aren't the smartest and you know this because you did it your own self. You know they're gonna fight you tooth and nail because you fought your own parents. Although, my parents weren't involved really in any of schedule choices. I was left to my own devices. I just got massive restriction over bad grades when I made them. I swear I stayed on restriction my senior year. Sometimes, it felt like my Dad would just look at me and put me on it. Looking back, I'm sure I deserved it, but I sure wish he would have been more involved than just handing out punishments. Ha ha ha. I'm involved AND I hand out punishment. See how cool I am? (And my Dad now has the nerve to tell me that I'm hard on her. Anyone see the irony here?) Okay, done with the Daddy Bashing. It's old stuff that needs to stay in the past or I just need to go on and get myself some therapy and exorcise those demons.

Anyone who knows me understands that keeping my mouth shut just isn't an option sometimes. So, when the teacher handed me some papers that had Paige's reading list for the summer, I just looked at her. I said..."What is this?". She said...."Paige's books she has to read over the summer and the assignment that has to be completed for first day of school." I said....."I'm sorry, but this is just wrong. Where's the joy of summer? Why are you making kids who work all year work even more? There's no vacation to be had if they're still doing work." And the teacher just looked at me. I think I'm the first parent that has complained about this. I'm not worried about Paige reading. She'll do it. But, dang, when do the kids get to be kids? I think the teacher was done with us then and ready to get us the heck out of there.

I'd say it was a successful trip, wouldn't you? Paige got some good classes lined up. I ended up embarrassing the pure snot out of her by not being cool at all. We now know which building she's supposed to be in on the first day. I must not forget to mention she was also having a good hair day to impress the 9th graders there helping out.

Now, I have to do the paperwork for The Boy next week at his school. This going from high school thinking to 4K thinking might just be the end of me. Oh, and don't forget Mak will be heading into 4th grade next year. When did that happen???? I need to keep an eye on that girl...she's slipping by under the radar.

And that concludes the big High School Registration ordeal.

We are off to SC yet again this weekend. Our house there has been sold and I need to say good bye to it and bring back some stuff that was there. It's been a sudden kind of deal where there were no choices and I'm having some mental issues over it. Nothing life threatening, just being too rushed through the process to let it all sink in. It will make our visits there fewer and further between, but that can't be helped. I'm already stressing over the email I have to send Santa to tell him there's a change of address and I don't know where he's making a drop at this year. Everyone here is wanting him to come to Georgia since he's never seen our home here. I still feel drawn to S.C. because that's where he's always been for me. We'll have to stay tuned for that one.....we have a month or two or three to figure it out.

Have a good weekend, my Internets. Keep it legal.


Dani said...

Miss Hope, I'm surprised at you ... I think Paige will get some good out of ROTC. Doesn't mean she'll end up in the military at all ... better to give her a chance to see it now and learn more about it from a more personal point of view rather than just as part of a family.
Other than that ... good for you pushing her to take the more advance classes! Nothing wrong with smart girls. Sounds like you had an adventure.

jaime said...

I wish I did ROTC in school. But I wouldn't have joined the military. But thats why you are get to make the choices! I can;t wait to totally embarass Jordan at school! ohh yea that summer reading stuff....stinks!

Miss Hope said...

If Paige decides the ROTC is her calling, I won't stand in her way. And my kids know that if they are passionate about something? They got full parental support. That goes without saying. But, I for one, have not had the best military experience and you could say it's tainted my view somewhat.

Well, except for football. Vitt's not allowed to play football but that's a whole 'nother post.

Pikes Pickles said...

WOW- the whole been there , done that thing is scaring me today.
First- We sold our home in VA in similar type circumstances. We had rented it out to a Navy chaplain ( a pay grade higher than my husband) and the guy ended up stiffing up 3 months rent and trashing the home on the way out. We really had no choice at that point but to sell it.

Okay the High School thing. Here is where I could begin the book. YOU do call the shots ...while of course listening to her needs along the way. If she is feeling led toward ROTC...I guess you should affirm her in whatever way humanly possible (through gritted teeth if need be). THIS choice will keep her out of trouble. Trust me, Ally and I have had long talks about what HIGH SCHOOL was like and how scary it was for her. The things that we parents have nO IDEA about. So, I would err to the safe side (In this case Paige's side). Get her in with a good crowd and hang tight your in for a rough ride. She will do fine. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and great parents. All will be fine.
About the math courses I would strongly encourage her to take them. Ally had a 3.5 GPA and did fairly well on her SATS, had a slew of volunteer leadership activities but didn't make it into her preferred school because of the fact that she didn't do some of the harder math courses.
Sorry if you weren't asking for all this advice... I will now get off the soap box.

AndreaLeigh said...

I'm sorry about your house. That must be hard, to say goodbye. Just remember your memories always travel with you!

Anonymous said...

You know girl HS is well a right of passage. Ryan attended 3. To say BTDT is an understatement. Paige is a good girl, she'll do in the end.

as far as ROTC and the military...your "ride" has not been all bad, you can't deny it. You have made a lot of friends who love you that you would not have otherwise. ROTC can be a good thing. She doesn't have to take all 4 years or even all year in 9th. We got to let our kids experience things for themselves, as long as it does no permanent harm. Ya know? There's a whole plethora (I love that word) of much worse things she could do than take ROTC or gasp join the military.

I know how hard it is to let go, but in the end you and her will be better off. Hate to tell you this is only the beginning of the power struggle. Better to give on the little things now and dig in on the bigger stuff latter.

I love you girl. I've gotten 1 through it, and lived to tell the tale. I'm not sure if that will be true with the other 2.