Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Boy is 4

I must hurry and make this post before the clock strikes midnight! The day has been so full and busy, that time has slipped right by me in slippers so as not to hear it creep. So, is this how Cinderella felt?

My boy, my hand full, my baby.....turned 4 today. What a milestone this seems to be for him. No longer does he qualify as being a baby except in my eyes. Even his Dad calls him "Little Man" to which he always answers to. He has literally grown over night into this little boy who is ready to take on the world. Speech is much clearer than last year where it mostly sounded like alien talk. Potty training has been successfully completed and any parent can tell you that in itself can be one HUGE accomplishment.

His eyes are bright and the world doesn't scare him one little bit. I look into his brown (almost black) eyes and see a mind that has begun it's trek of learning and the amount it that it does learn in one day is just amazing.

I declared this year the Year of No Planned Birthday Parties. Yet, my house was full to bursting this evening as friends, whom I refer to as my Georgia Family, came to celebrate The Boy's birthday. There were children screaming, adults laughing, and noise in every crook and cranny. Pizza was eaten, and the coolest cake of all devoured by evening's end.

In the midst of it all stood a young child who whooped and hollered with every present he opened. He was ever so polite as he screamed out "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" over and over. I was blown away by the love shown to him by his extended family in amazing gifts that might have beaten this past Christmas haul hands down. I just can't express my gratitude to those who showed my child how special he is to them.

I no longer cringe and get all weepy over my children growing up. I don't yearn to have them helpless as an infant in my arms. I'm starting to get excited to see where they are going. I'm anxious to know what great things they will accomplish on their own.

Beyond all that, though, one thing remains clear.

I don't care if The Boy does grow to be 6 feet tall. He must forever until I draw my last breath have this exchange that is personal to the two of us.

Me: That's MY BABY!

Him: That's MY MAMA!

Son, you are exactly what I wanted. I'm so glad God sent you to us.


(p.s. Pictures to come in a later post!)


House of Hayes said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN VITT!! We think you are a pretty cool dude!! *Especially in Erinlee's eyes you are her Prince Charming*

Thanks for all of the fun and laughs tonight!! I forgot what it was like to sit around with adults and be just as loud as the kids!!

HUGS EXTENDED FAMILY!! We love all of y'all!!

C said...

Happy birthday, Vitt! :)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

ok, the last line..".your exactly what I wanted"..I'm teary eyed!!!!

I feel ya, Hope! Mine will be a big guy one day but he will always be my baby!

Ok, I am a softy...sorry!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful celebration!

Happy Birthday Vitt! The Clemson, SC internets wish you many many more filllllllled with lots of toys and goodies!:}

Pikes Pickles said...

happy BIRTHDAY. hAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. hAPPY bIRTHDAY TO YOU. I would have sung this to you much earlier but I wasn't invited to teh party and I was afraid if I walked in singing Happy Birthday. I thought maybe your mom would have me locked up.
Vitt, what was your favorite gift?

Miss Hope said...

Pike's, I do believe there isn't a green power ranger left in the stores. It's between his P.R. Posse and the Wii sports package (tennis racket, baseball bat, and golf club) Miss Em gave him. His compromise yesterday was to line the action figures up to watch him play wii. Was too cute!!!

Miss Hope said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. They really are appreciated.

chelle's winks said...

Happy Birthday "Little Power Ranger"....Hope you had a great birthday...see you soon....

M.L.E said...

Ah! I'm just now reading this! Sorry for missing it earlier...

Vitt, we had a GREAT time indulging in your birthday with you. I hope you've had fun with your new toys for the Wii!

andria said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Glad you had a big party anyway!

Can't believe he's FOUR!

Dani said...

Like Em, I'm just now seeing this ... Happy Belated B-day Vitt!