Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Check it out!!

I am a blog skipping reading junkie. I love to read about every one else's bizness. On a regular basis. I'll read comments when I post my own and if another comment looks interesting enough? I'll take it upon myself to head on over to their "house" and sit for a visit.

While doing this a few weeks ago, I came across a new blog that was save-worthy. That means it got added to my favorites so I could visit more often. I discovered this blogger had another blog where she would review new products and what not. Oh, how I want a job like that. I would be the perfect person to do such a thing. I know lots of adjectives and am so not afraid to speak my mind. (I got people who'll testify to that one!)

I stopped in for a visit last week to find out there was a giveaway going on! What?? I wanted to play so I surely left a comment. The product was too cute and I already had visions as to what I could do with it.

I won!!!

First time EVAH. I was beyond thrilled. The company contacted me via email and got the information to get that prize sent to The Edge. Prize was received yesterday! And it's even better than what I've seen online.

Without further ado.......

Please visit Musings of a HouseWife to see what she's got going on. I already see another set of goodies ready to be won! Then, head on over to Reviewsings to see what Miss Hope won. Cuz my name is there in all its glory. PakNak charms were the prize, and I'm telling you, they are adorable in person. As soon as I figure out what exactly I'm going to do with them, I'll let you know!

Please go visit the above sites and see what it's all about. I'm still tickled to have won something and those PakNak ladies were on the ball getting it shipped out!

Proof that Miss Hope won her a little something:

I LOVE the size of the charms. Peace sign-Paige's. Pink flower-Kenna's. Bug with green head- The Boy's. Green frog-not sure yet. Dolphins- something to do with my hubby being a submariner....just not exactly sure where the brain storming is going to lead.


Monogram Queen said...

Way to go Miss Hope! I'm not that lucky at winning stuff.
I wish I had more time to blog surf but I do keep up with the ones on my roll and add a few new ones occasionally

Mrs. Em said...

How fun!! I can totally picture these going on the kids' backpacks. Have fun with them!

Kristi said...

How funny to read this post, and I just clicked on your comment on I am boymom, (which made me chuckle)to come visit your "house". Your profile is hilarious! What a crack up girl. I'll have to go and check out those websites you mentioned here. Sounds fun.
You can swing by my "house" anytime. Have a good one.

Sugar said...

Very cool! Congrats Miss Hope!

I am Boymom said...

Hey Hope - Congrats!! I always bloghop from comments, that's how I find all the good blogs! Cause people who take the time to comment are usually people who take the time to make great blogs(like yourself)! Cool for you and your prize, I am jealous! Thanks for the new site, I will check it out and maybe one day I too can post about my winnings! have fun with yer prize!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Congratulations! You assuredly deserved it.

Mellie said...

Go Miss Hope! I went and checked out the site and the frog was the one I thought was absolutely adorable, but I don't know what I'd do with it either :p