Friday, July 25, 2008


I hate answering machines. I can't really explain it coherently, but I hate them. In fact, I don't own one. Correction. There's no answering machine at my house. I refuse to buy phones that obligingly come with a built in answering machine. They bug me.

I don't like voice mail, either. My V-carrier uses voice mail and apparently it's part and parcel with my cell phone. So what did I do? I left a voice mail that informs the caller that I don't check my voice mail and you'd be better off to send me a text message. You can use your own discretion. I might check voice mail once every 6 months. That is no joke. Got witnesses who can vouch that my voice mail message says so.

I'll leave a message on someone else's answering machine, but only if I HAVE to. I figure, for the most part, that caller I.D. abounds these days and they can see who has called them if they are so inclined.

Paranoia rules me over having my voice recorded. I sound like a backwards hick and it grates my butt to hear myself recorded. So goes the curse of having a Southern accent.

Another thing that craws my very butt is people who call my house and let it ring. Didn't your Mama teach you that six rings on your end is sufficient? To let it ring for 25 rings is downright rude. If I am not answering the phone by the sixth ring? Then....I MIGHT BE BUSY AND UNABLE TO DO SO!! Think about it, would you? I have internet and cell phones, and electricity...and don't forget satellite television. It would stand to reason that I would have caller I.D. also. I can provide witnesses (again)(I think I might have been a lawyer in a previous life) who will say that they've called and gotten no answer and I've called them back momentarily apologizing and then inquiring as to what they needed.

I have had to a few "Come to Jesus" talks with Paige's friends who call and find it necessary to let it ring until the end of time. I embarrass (what else is new?) her to no end, but I tell her that if their parents aren't going to teach them proper manners, then I'll sure do my best to.

It might take me an extra moment to answer my cell phone because I have "Brown Eyed Girl" as my ringer and we all enjoying dancing a little bit and singing before cutting off that song goodness. The ringer makes us happy. I got unlimited text on the blooming thing, so use it if you need to!

I was just busy as all get out a while ago and someone called my house and I promise you...they let it ring over 15 times. I quit counting after that. I was unable to get to the phone to answer it but my blood pressure was climbing as it rang over and over and over again. If I had had a gun? Yeah. I would be without a home phone right now.

Miss Hope might answer the phone with a smile, but if you let that sucker ring over 20 times? You do not want to be reading my mind at that particular moment.

No big plans for the weekend here. Got a few cleaning details I want us to take care of tomorrow and I might find a few minutes to take Paige shopping for some jeans for school. You know...the place my children go and will be starting attendance NEXT FRIDAY. I am all a quiver with excitement. The Boy starts August 4th, but I'm cool. I'll have one last day at home with just the two of us. We might even go do lunch.

Keep an umbrella handy if you're in the area. God forgot to turn the faucet off.


Jill AKA busymom said...

My peeve is the door bell. My children have gotten to the point of ignoring it...because 9 times out of 10 it is the little munchkins in the neighborhood requesting the presence of one of my darling children.

So I will be in the shower and the door bell will be ringing and ringing. Let me add that the neighborhood children do not ring the door bell politely...ring two seconds ring..and so on.

My kids ignore it until I lose it and starting stomping on the floor for them to answer it.

Kristi said...

Oh man, it is so frustrating to me when people don't have an answering machine. But that is mainly because I do a lot of calling with church events, reminding people of what they are bringing, yadda yadda, and when someone doesn't have an answering machine, it is a NIGHTMARE to get a hold of them, and causes me a lot more work, calling at all different times to see when I can catch them. Text messaging? Heck, I am a technology idiot, so I don't even know how to do that. Man...good thing we have our blog pages, or you and I would never be able to chat. :) I like having my answering machine to "screen" calls, and then I know what the person wants before I have to call them back. I love it. I am an answering machine lover, and proud of it. heh heh

Pikes Pickles said...

Ummm, I won't be doing that again. I let it ring so long thinking that you were writing a blog and that you would stop to talk to me....Guess I know which blog you were writing. Hehe.

Text messaging - it is my link to my teenagers. I speak their language. Wouldn't give it up for the world.