Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For Me????

The other day I was visitin' all my blogging friends, when I saw over on Chelle's blog she was giving away some kind of award. What??? I was just minding my own business and she decided to grace me with a cool little thang to put to the side of my writing for all to see. There's a catch, though. I have to pass the love on. I believe I might be up to the task.

7 people have to feel the love.

Do I even know 7 people? Of course, I do!

Let's see now.....

1. Get off My Lawn comes to mind. He's up Canada way and I enjoy his thought provoking posts. He and Miss Sugar (the Misses) are two people I admire a great deal. They are in the middle of nowhere doing their best to educate. Family is nowhere near and although snow shoe'ing is probably a lot of fun....I'm sure it might get a little old after a while. He walks on frozen water on a regular basis! I just can't fathom it. How about pay him a visit and tell him Miss Hope sent you North.

2.Coty at lovemarriagecarriage makes me smile. She's a fellow sub-wife with the most precious baby boy. I know for a fact that he's as cute in person and I can even go as far to say he has the best neck sugar in town.
I am so proud of her in so many ways. She knows I got love for her.

3. Miss Krys. I can honestly say this is one good blogging friend here. We email each other outside of blogging and I feel sure we will meet one day in person. She has such a busy full life. I enjoy reading about her bizness and hope you do, too.

4. Then we have Cat. I admire Cat like nobody's business. She is amazing and probably the strongest person I know. Her writing touches me as you "feel" what she is trying to say. If I can read something and it draws a tear? It's good stuff. I hope she never stops writing.

5. I was torn over this one and I'll tell you why. I gotta recognize my guy Hung. He now has a private blog, but he and I go way back. The link I have to the right takes you to his old blog where he stills has a good stuff hanging around. He is a lover of 80's music and movies. That was our time, Internets! He never fails to put up a good tune or video. He reminds us the classic movies...you know the ones made in the 80's? Even if you can't see the new one, I gotta do a little recognition.

6. Next is Boy Crazy. This lady has her hands full with two boys and a surprise little girl. I get the biggest kick out of reading about her life. I am still jealous of her new home and know how she feels with having a kid that gets into EVERYTHING. She's a smart cookie doing her best.

7. I have to save the best for last here. Because The Man is the best in my eyes. He hasn't been able to blog much in the past month due to his surgery and recovery. He is very passionate about his political views. TRUST ME. When friends bring up politics? I groan and bury my head in my heads. He's educated himself and can back his views up with references. He's anal that way, you know.

I have the coolest list of places I visit on a regular basis. Some have already received this particular award and so they should have. I am sorry I couldn't just put up the whole blooming list and share the love with everyone I know.

Miss Pike, of the Pikes Pickles fame, blessed me with a sweet gift the other day. (look to the right) She's a fellow Navy Wife that I do believe I shall claim as a friend. Her oldest is heading off to college this Fall on the East Coast (while leaving Mama on the West Coast (sorry Stef for the reminder)). I have offered to step up and be the East Coast Mama (I see a tshirt in there somewhere). If I'm lucky? I'll get to meet this beautiful young lady and hopefully give her Mama a tiny peace of mind!
That concludes Miss Hope's award ceremony. I hope you enjoyed your commercial free entertainment, coffee, and complimentary chocolates (sugar free for my Mama and those who prefer it that way-although I can't imagine anyone eating sugar free anything on purpose unless dictated by health.).


andria said...

Thanks friend.

I'm out of town right now and my blogging time is limited, but I'll be sure to pop something up on my blog when I get back next week.

You're welcome to the new house anytime. One day, I'm going to make a video tour and post it. Like, one day when I unpack everything and it looks decent. Could be a while.

Pikes Pickles said...

Ohh, Miss hope. You brought great big tears to my eyes. I am speechless. "a friend" now...that is about the sweetest thing ever. I'll be on the lookout for a tshirt and let Ally know she has double duty this Mothers day.

Mrs. Em said...

How cool!! That's the neatest thing!!

cat said...

Miss Hope, you're the best! Thank you for the "shout out". I'm so glad that you "get me". I try not write about all the doom and gloom, but I believe that my blog has become my outlet on life and has help with my coping skills.

Thanks alot, you are my best and I appreciate you so much.

chelle's winks said...

oh yeah...spreading the love!

I'll check these out:)

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Gee, thanks for the mention. You deserve an award, your blog is very personal but entertaining and fun to read. That's hard to do.

Monogram Queen said...

I very much enjoyed it!!!

Coty said...

Thank you for the shout-out! How cool to get one of those. I believe it's my first. :)

OneHungMan said...

Hope-OHM thanks you for the love.