Friday, July 11, 2008

Recovery Room-Edge Style

The Man had him some surgery this past Wednesday. For those of you just joining in? Here's a past reference so you can catch up. I figured since I had diagnosed him initially, I'd let a professional do the actual surgery. I don't dig the thought of messing with guts and blood.

We headed out before dawn Wednesday morning for the drive to the Naval Hospital in JAX. Man, that is one busy town early in the a.m. We arrived with just a few minutes to spare.

Can I stop the story a second here? Thank you.

As we all know, I come from a civilian world. Civilian hospitals and what not. I am not accustomed to seeing an abundance of male nurses (a.k.a. corpsmen) in military uniform. I am not accustomed to being in such an old looking facility. I am not accustomed to the snarly looking faces and the lack of personality. When I worked for a hospital, we took training on how to deal with the public. When we wore the name tag with the facility name on it? We had to keep a smile on our face and greet all visitors with friendliness and offers of help. Not the case here. The only people who offered to help were in khaki uniforms. I did not feel good about this as we found our way upstairs to check in.

*Now to the rest of the story*

We were shown The Man's room and preparations started. The Man Upstairs must've known my anxiety was starting to climb because he sent the absolute bestest corpsman to my husband. He just oozed personality. Told stories of his home (St. Thomas-Virgin Islands) to keep us entertained. He was incredible and I was appreciative of his thoughtfulness. Instead of getting off at end of his shift, he ended up staying as long we did. I hated it for him, but was glad to have such an attentive person for my husband.

It wasn't long before The Man headed to surgery. Mrs. M. (who, God bless her, went with us) and I grabbed a bite to eat and settle in to wait. I was starting to get antsy and worried when his hour and a half surgery was trying to turn into a three hour wait. The doctor finally came out and filled me on how things went well. Whew. We headed downstairs to pick up his medicine and call family members awaiting news.

When we got back upstairs to his room, he was being wheeled in. Let me tell ya, that man was feeling NO pain. We got quite a few chuckles out of him. Apparently, they had to use a Foley catheter to drain the bladder so as to see the area better. Well, crap. Anyone who has had one of these done can tell you going to the bathroom that first time is almost impossible to do. (speaking from experience here) Many ounces of juice/water/soda/coffee later....he finally was able to do enough to deem him able to go home. I was helping him get dressed to go and he made the comment that he felt like The Boy (I was holding his pants for him to step into). I told him I was a professional at helping people get dressed, so he was in good hands. I didn't remind him that the people I help are usually a lot younger and shorter than me. Pants are pants, people!

It made for a long day and driving home (again, during the beginning of rush hour) was hard. I was tired and had this individual high on pain killers beside me. He kept coming and going .....suffice it to say he had great entertainment value.

It's been a good couple of days. Pain killers are the key the first few days and he's doing way better than I anticipated. Today was shower day and when I unwrapped him (he's bound around the waist), I was met with what I didn't expect. Was I supposed to take the bandages off? Was I supposed to leave them? After a call to the hospital, where I was transferred a half dozen times, I spoke to the doctor himself! How about that? He was great to talk to and said all sounded fine. I was told how to handle the bandages and if I had any questions, to please don't hesitate to call back. I was shocked I spoke to the doctor. Score for the Naval Hospital on that one. We go next Tuesday for a follow-up. If he keeps going like he is? I think all will be just fine.

In fact? He's sitting at the table right now doing homework for Statistics. Shoot. I'd be all over the couch doing what little I could. I'm just saying. I think those pain pills are working a little TOO well.

Have a good weekend, Internet. We're keeping it cool and on the interior. The Jaw-ja Skeeters are out hunting prey.

Like I said...he was feeling nooooooo pain.


Sugar said...

Glad it all went well. Y'all have yourselves a great weekend.

Kristi said...

I love the drug induced smile. There ain't nothin like it in the world. Thank heavens it went well. And kudos to you Doctuh Hope for diagnosing the problem 3 weeks before. We women be so smart. :)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Happy for ya'll that everything came out ok! I hope he heals fast and is back to his regular self again!
Have a good weekend!

Pikes Pickles said...

Ahhh, sounds like the worst part is over. Yeah you made it through! Hope he feels better again? DOes he get a few days off?
Yeah, I have never been to a navy hospital that ooozed warm fuzzy feelings. They are even more cold and miserable than regular hospitals. Finding a good nurse or doctor is a HUGE blessing. Almost worth writing a blog about. The military healthcare program is a living breathing example of why we dont want a national healthcare plan .
I hope that things on the edge get back to "normal" real quickly.

andria said...

Ah, morphine!

I'm glad it's over for you. I love the hospital when I am in it (after the gore and all) but it induces panic in me to go for someone else. Glad you're all home now.

Lishak said...

Oh, boy! Sounds like I'm in for it! Thanks for posting how it went. When Greg gets back, we'll be going through the same thing. I'm glad he's on drugs and doing better! You're a good wife.

Mrs. Em said...

Oh, Fred! That smile is priceless! It's one for the books!

OneHungMan said...

Glad to hear he's doing well.

Monogram Queen said...

Glad it turned out okay. Pain killers are the best! and so funny for those who are observing the ones who are on them!

chelle's winks said...

Oh Fred...I hope you keep that pleasant smile always...priceless!

Glad its over for everyone....

Jill AKA busymom said...

Ahhh Ms Hope you have been introduced to the fine customer service of our military facilities...sometimes I wonder if they give anti-customer service training.

Rick tried to take a lovely picture of me as they wheeled me out of surgery....but Mel tackled him to the ground!!!

Mellie said...

now that's a frame worthy picture! I'm so happy to hear the man is doing well. (Jill's not fibbing...I tripped over the gurney and fell on top of her husband but he didn't get that picture! - she made me promise!)