Monday, July 21, 2008


Miss Hope got one pulled over on her this weekend, Internets.

Three weeks ago, my friend Lu told me she was coming for a visit. It had been a while and she and her girls needed to come to Georgia visitin'. I wasn't going to argue because my side of the family tree doesn't come for visits hardly at all. I was excited about their arrival because it was the weekend of my Chief's Wives meeting and I wanted her to meet all my people I've found here.

She pulled up in front of our house after a long drive filled with rain and stupid drivers on the interstate. We all went out to greet her and she told me to open the back door of her vehicle to let her girls out. I opened the door....


I was thrilled beyond words as I threw my arms around her. I had tears in my eyes and kept saying, "My Mama is here!" I can't tell you how happy I was.

I had mentioned a week or so ago that I wished she would come and visit with Lu. She hemmed and hawed and I just gave up because I figured she wouldn't. I almost got miffed over it and then did my best to shrug it off.

What's one of the first things Mak said to her? "Nana? Can you cook for us?" Of course, Nana complied. Before we went out to supper for my "meeting" on Saturday evening, she whipped up some chicken and rice, butter beans (she brought me a few bags of that goodness), and fried squash. My husband was not bothered with watching all the kids because he had some of Southern good cooking to eat while we were gone.

During the day Saturday, I was able to take them downtown to do some looking and shopping. I had to purchase a birthday gift and they (Lu and Mama) had no problems with looking and a purchase here and there. I took them to a quaint little tea shop that has amazing food. I know local friends who read this will know exactly where I'm talking about. That's good stuff, right girls?

Alas, the visit was short as they left to go back yesterday around noon. I really hated to see them drive off. Lu? Girl, you rock for bringing my Mama along with you.

Now I get to start my count down to the school starting NEXT FRIDAY. You read that right. I send The Man back to work tomorrow pretty much healed from his surgery. That Man needs to go back to work. He's had most of the summer off and that's just not natural. He'll still be wrapped up til mid-week, but he'll survive. Paige has FOUR book reports due the second day of school. I've been on her all summer long to take care of them. She is now seeing she might need to do some major work. No Sir. I do not feel sorry for her at all.

Visitors have left the Edge...and there have been plenty of them this summer of 2008. Now it's time for Miss Hope to kick it up a notch. I've got stuff on my plate that needs to be done. No rest for the weary.


Monogram Queen said...

Awwww that just warms my heart. I love a good surprise! Yay for good southern cooking also!

cat said...

What a wonderful surprise. It is nice to have great surprise's like that one.

I would give up EVERYTHING just to hear my mother say name, let alone see her. I miss her more everyday. I know they say it gets easier, but I can testify to the fact it doesn't.....nope not at all, you just learn to cope and move along with life, but my daughter was so close to my mon and dad that she has had the hardest of times and will for a long time.

She's alot like me and put's it back for rainy days and puts a smile on her face and push's thru.

Isn't that how us "Belle's" are taught to do? ;)

Lishak said...

How awesome is it that your friend and mama came to visit!?!? That's exciting!
Thank you very much, Miss Hope! Now I'm craving butter beans and chicken and rice! I guess I'm gonna have to hit my grandma up for some! :)
I'd love to do lunch if you're in the area. Just give me a call 912-552-7280. You'll probably have to leave a message. If I'm in the country, I don't get signal. But I promise to call ya back!
Good luck with getting everybody ready to go back to school/work!

chelle's winks said...

Lu pulled off a winner with that one..I know ya'll had fun....

Jill AKA busymom said...

OOO I want my mom's home made sphagetti....sigh

I am on the countdown to school starting as well...visit my kingdom and you will read about my broken window....I can't wait for them all to be back in school.

God has also blessed me...I did not plan it this way....but I have the week they go back to school off...happy sigh!

Dani said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend ... what a great surprise :) Glad you had a nice visit with your Mama and Lui (I apologize if I just totally mangled that :)).

I remember one year my sister and I surprised my mom by going home for her birthday ... that was fun :)

C said...


Incidentally, where'd Mrs. Em's blog go?

Miss Hope said...

Thanks everyone. I felt like a two year old the whole weekend. If I said "Mama" one time, I said it a thousand. She tolerated me well.

C, I don't know where it is! I went to check yesterday and it was gone! I'll have to ask her and see what's up.

Dani said...

Hope, C-

Em's last post said she was going to take down the blog because she doesn't have time for it. So e-mail for updates.

Mrs. Em said... mention of the "American vs. English" discussion?? I'm still laughing at that!! - Thanks for the laughter y'all! - Hope's Mama and Lu, it was a pleasure to meet you both! Please visit again! I hope you enjoyed your lunch at the Mad Hatter!

Hope...a birthday present. Would that happen to be for ME??? :)

Sorry about taking down my blog, y'all. Maybe I'll bring it back in a few months when life calms down a bit!

Pikes Pickles said...

Your other daughter wants to know if Nana is cooking thanksgiving dinner?

I emailed you a coupon for those glasses that we talked about.I am not sure of you got it?

Looks like i'll be in the East Coast pretty soon . I am not ready. You and Paige up for a road trip to Virginia? It might be fun....?

Miss Hope said...

Stef? Nana ALWAYS cooks for Thanksgiving. And WAY too much.

Virginia you say? I remember many a road trip to Norfolk up I-95.........