Thursday, July 31, 2008

If you Like this kind of stuff.....

I'm going to do a quick endorsement of a blog.

My husband is a good man. Seriously. I couldn't ask for a better husband or father. He's human and doesn't like housework, much to my dismay. That fact keeps him from being totally perfect, but no one is perfect. Right? He prefers me at home to be dedicated to our kids and that's a decision that works well for us. Would I like a job? I know I'd like some extra money. But, I love being here for my babies should they need me. My parents both had to work when I was growing up and that's okay. My Grandma kept me and my brother and that was the next best thing.

I digress.

My husband loves his country. He first joined the military so he could get help with an education. If I'm not mistaken, 4-6 years was the limit in his mind and he was out. This November will make 19 years of service. He believes in the purpose of the military. He is honored and humbled to be able to serve all of you. What he has seen and what he has been through will be memories for him to revisit in his old age. No one but him and his shipmates will be able to comprehend and understand.

Politics. A right touchy subject as of now, isn't it? I won't talk about it in public because I tend to get a little too vocal about things. My husband has done the research. He has studied the facts. He pays attention.

When you have a member of the military SUPPORT his boss, or as we call him, The President of the United States of America? You might need to listen in some. Has anyone asked our military who they need as a boss? I didn't think so. Everyone claims to know what is best for them, but who has actually asked? 'Nuff said on that.

If you are into politics and love a spirited debate or discussion, head on over to my hubby's blog.

If you need to be educated a little more or something isn't quite clear? Check it out.

Some times, my eyes glaze over because he gets a little over my head, but his heart is into it.

He believes.

And I believe in him.


The Man on the Edge said...

Thank you my love.

Yes, when I started this whole thing 19yrs ago, I was only planning on 6 yrs and then off to college. Now, I am close to having my degree and a whole wealth of experience to go with it.

Before anyone heads over to see what I have to say I want everyone to understand that I have relatively conservative views. So, be fore warned.

Pikes Pickles said...

Here, Here, I ( we agree). I think I have found yet another frightening similarity (correct me if I am wrong) both our husbands listen to AM radio and have very conservative views. Maybe we ought to get the old boys together.

Ally is going to LOVE visiting you all.

By the way, I think the MAN might have a career in politics or being a commentator post navy if he keeps it up.

Krys72599 said...

That Man of yours is one lucky guy! And it's nice to see that he knows it!
I must say, if ever I get down to the Edge's general vicinity, I will most definitely be letting you know ahead of time. We're just gonna HAVE to spend some time together!
It's wonderful to see how important family and honor is to you all!

Jill AKA busymom said...

We are at 20 and only thought we would do really was the best thing for us. God knows everything and He knew what the military would offer the Deac and how it would help mold him and shape him into what he was created to be. Now he can return to shore...finish his degree...even if it kills us both and retire with a wealth of knowledge, a degree, and memories...that only those who have served with him can understand.

Hats off to men like our husbands...they really don't make them like that anymore...and that's a crying shame for the Navy!