Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gas it up and let it go!

I truly thought that I would just ease on into 2009 nice and easy. I'd take my time and amble on into January and prepare myself for a nice good year.

Yeah. About that.

I almost fell out the chair because I didn't get buckled in on time. If I had been in a computer chair? It would be spinning like a turnstile on crack.

Tuesday, I took Paige to the doctor to have her ankles checked. That kid has had so much trouble with those ankles of hers. Add in flat feet, short hamstrings, and you got a recipe for trouble throughout her life. A few months ago after falling at school on a rainy day on the ramp outside a class, The Man took her to an urgent care where they discovered a bone spur on her ankle. Lovely. I wanted to have her regular doc check her out, put this in her record so we can go forward and get them fixed.

The doctor on base decided to send her back through some physical therapy because it truly helped her out last time she went. If that doesn't help provide some relief? We'll be heading out to see an Ortho. and get their feedback.

That means as soon as the referral letter comes, she'll be hitting physical therapy at least twice a week.

This is added onto The Boy's standing appointments of speech on Mondays and Miss Rose on Wednesdays.

I pulled a fast one while we were at the clinic. Makenna had gone with us and before we left out, I asked the doc if maybe we could get a refill on her motrin since she left hers at her Aunt's house in South Carolina. Oh, and while the doc was at it, she needed to check out the mole on Makenna's neck. She's had it a really long time. When she and I had some suspicious moles removed right before we moved to Georgia, the doctor then said to keep an eye on it and if it changed, then get it checked. It changed. The surface is different. It's wider. It worries me. It worried this doctor, too. We have a referral in progress to get her to a doctor who will remove it. These girls will appreciate my being a fanatic over sunscreen one day. Now I await that letter so I can add Makenna's appointments on with her siblings.

Yesterday, the girls went with The Boy to see Miss Rose. This was to give Rose a chance to see some family dynamics and connect with the girls. The hour flew by as they talked and played a game together (this was see how he handled taking turns and such). I'm sure we'll be doing this again...just not sure when.

The Boy is having a hard time adjusting to being back in school. Each day since Monday, he's had a hard time keeping his hands to himself. I guess using his words is hard for him to remember. Rose says this is normal and she's not surprised. She wants to give him two weeks before we get too overly concerned. I think it's easy for her to say that but hard for me and Miss K (his teacher) to deal with.

Because he's been breaking the rules, he is not allowed to play the wii or play at nickjr.c*m after school. What wonderful punishments, right? Wrong. This is as much a punishment to us as it is to him. This is one busy boy if he doesn't have that outlet open to him.

Now let's not forget that I have a Compass session coming up at the end of the month and it's hitting the fan already. I'll be busy with that off and on until we have the session. It's a night class this time so that means getting home after 9:00 p.m. Okay, maybe even later if the conversation is good.

I can't believe my month is basically getting booked right before my eyes. You know how you're supposed to learn how to say "NO" and not stress yourself?

Well, how on earth can I do that when 90% of what I'm doing concerns my children's well-being and health? These are not extracurricular activities like soccer or ballet that are time consuming. These are doctor appointments and physical therapy and what have you. Mental and physical health stuff. This is where I sigh in relief that my husband is on shore duty right now so he can help with all this running around. We some times pass each other and wave, but we know that all is being taken care of. I laugh some times because it's like we're doing different tours of duty with the different kids but it all works out in the end.

See what I mean? 2009 is here and it is wide butt open!

Gas it up and let it go!


Monogram Queen said...

You are right though, it isn't sports or "fun" stuff, it's seriousl business!

Here's to 2009 - may you get all of these things cleared up or headed in a good direction!

Krys72599 said...

I just don't know what else to say.
Would love some insight from you as to what calendar/planner you use to keep track of all those appointments!!! I always have a hard time picking out the right one...
Maybe an expert like you could help...

Lishak said...

Sounds like you are one busy, busy woman! I hope everything goes well with your kids and issues are cleared up in 2009.

Thanks for the comment. I will be sticking around town about a week or two after Greg leaves. I don't have to work until Feb.
I laughed too...that's the only time I wear pants too! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find pants that fit me! That is probably the biggest just easier to wear skirts. :)

Here's wishing you the absolute best year you can have in 2009!

ronee said...

what's compass? i wish i could help you!

Jill AKA busymom said...

Ahh Ms Hope.....I feel your pain. At this point I feel like I should have my own parking spot at Tripler and maybe an office:)

I have tried to say no and slow down, but like you said important stuff always shows up and how do you say no? Such is the life of a mom...will they ever appreciate us?

I concur with Ms Rose, the Boys behavior is normal for any young child returning to school after a long break. Most teachers love the days off....hate the one to two week transitions in settling the class back into a routine:)

Busy Texas Dee said...

Sounds like you are gonna have a busy year. I know the feeling. Except yours is filled with running around for the kids and mine is filled with chasing the kids and remodeling the house. The one fall back I will have is that I can send Ashley to the store for me if I don't feel like going. You'll know what that feels like soon enough. I know is sounds scary having a teenage driver but it does come in handy.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with Ms. Paige, Pt really is a good thing and can do wonders. I'm not sure where she's going but I can't recommend Advance Rehab enough they've done great for me, I have full motion back in the shoulder way before they expected it. For ortho up here give me a call and I'll give ya some feedback on the two up here I went to. I just went to another doctor who was highly recommended down in Fernandina and had none of the problems I had before.