Friday, January 02, 2009

Who Me?

Missy, that Clemson Tiger Gal, was kind enough to give me an award! I am always honored and it tickles me to no end when someone gives me something like this. If you've given me one and I didn't follow the rules and pass it on? I surely apologize. Just know that life happened to me because it sure did a lot of that last year.

I am to send this on to 7 blogs of my choice. Missy chose to do three. I think I'm going to do a happy medium and choose 5. Does that make us difficult? just keeps things interesting. Now, you got to link back to who ever gave you the award and keep passing on the love!

1. I'd love to share with Andrea over at My Chihuahua Bites! I've known her for a few years (and never met face to face!) and she has found her groove on her blog. It's adorable and I love to see what she's going to share. It's always a treat to see what new crafty idea she's doing or just to hear her thoughts. Go on over and see what she's got going on! I guarantee she's found some super bargain and she's always cool enough to share her finds with everyone. Yes, I am guilty of taking her advice and finding one (or two or three...) of her bargains. Just ask Paige...I had her on a mission to help me find something and I almost had to call Andrea to get more details but we were successful!

2. Do some Aiming High with Denise while you're at it. I love to go visit her because we're a lot alike. We're both Moms trying to keep it all straight and we try to find the humor in life and in raising kids. She has some great insight I think you'll enjoy.

3. Boy Crazy makes me laugh out loud. Andria has her hands full with baby girl Elizabeth. I love to go visit her blog and see what her kids have been into. Andria also convinced me check out Word Twist on Faceb*ok. I'm not sure if I've forgiven her yet for that. She has the two older boys where I have two older girls. Her baby is a girl and mine is boy. Yet, the similarities are crazy! If you need a good laugh? This is the place to go.

4. I just gotta share the love with Stef over at Pikes Pickles. What a partner in crime she's been! We discovered we were Navy Wives (YaY!). We discovered we were moms of teenagers (double Yay?). We discovered our husbands are on the verge of retirement (WaaHooo!). We discovered we are Facebo*k junkies and have poked each other at least a 1000 times since that discovery. She's West Coast. I'm East Coast. We have promised to meet in person one day because we have adopted each other's kids in a crazy military Internet blogging kind of way. Her blog is full of great stuff. This is one busy woman and I just don't know how she does it at times. I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting her!

5. My last piece of love goes to Miss Krys. If you haven't discovered her blog yet then you're missing out. She covers everything in my book. Crafty ideas, politics, her deep personal thoughts, her love of family, and her all around goodness. She and I have known each other a couple of years now (has it been that long?). I know if all goes according to plan, we'll definitely meet her one day so she can squeeze my son and claim him. As my Grandma would say, "She's good people."

Man, I didn't know how hard that could be! I flipped and flopped on who to choose and just wanted to pass it everyone. Then I realized I read over 100 blogs a day. Can you imagine how long that post would be?

I appreciate anyone who thinks I am deserving. I heart the blog world.


Krys72599 said...

You are one awesomely generous lady, Miss Hope!!
Thanks so much for that lovely award - I'm undeserving... You're right, though, on a couple of things: I do so love my family, I try to be "good people"(although if you read my blog you'll know sometimes I'm a bit of a failure! I'm nothing if not honest!) and we will most definitely meet one day 'cause I DO want to meet you and your family up close and in person!!!
Thanks again for my award!
(And for the leads to what I'm sure will be a few more blogs I get addicted to!!!)

The family said...

okay my acceptance speech..I must say that his makes me fell all kinds of love and appreciated. Even more than the pokes day and night. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Okay - now who will I dole the awards out to?

AndreaLeigh said...

thank you, hope! you definately deserve this award and I appreciate you passing it on.

Denise said...

Aw shucks Miss Hope, you shouldn't have! But I'm glad you did. Thank you! I don't quite remember how you and I found each other's blogs, but it was a happy day in Bloggerland.

P.S. did you like my Aw Shucks? Just trying to fit in with your southern world, lol. Although it might be a little too Western Cowboy. Y'all.

ronee said...

what are you up to tomorrow? I am taking the girls to play in the sand tomorrow afternoon...they need to live their last day of vacation...i would totally love if you came to play! you can text me..i know you got some texting skills if you wanna come with!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss Hope! Well deserved I might add. I always look forward to hearing your news from the edge =). I've finally settled back in to the routine now and have been catching up on some reading. I just want to say the more I read your blog, the more I come to believe that you and I are not much different in a lot of aspects. I added you on facebook so look for me there.

Kristi said...

Hip hip Hooray! Congratulations girl. You have such a warm loving spirit. I love to read your blog. And you are real. I love that.

Monogram Queen said...

It is always hard choosing because really all my blogs on my roll are great ones! Congrats on your award Hope. I really really enjoy your blog and you are so deserving of it!

Michelle said...

Finally home and catching up...your Christmas pictures were great. Love the one with Grandma!
It was wonderful seeing you and I do promise to get that way this year!!! It occurred to me as you were leaving...we didn't get any pictures...go figure!

House of Hayes said...

glad to be back ... sorta !! LOL
Time goes by so fast...And it makes me wonder what people did when there was no internet to keep up with people :) Esp the ones that live RIGHT HERE !! LOL

HUGS ... and I am sure B will be very happy to see himself and all of his cheer glory on the internet!!