Friday, January 02, 2009

Who Knew?

My kids are normal siblings. They fight and scrap and carry on and drive me crazy on a regular basis. Some times I have to just throw my hands up and walk away. If there's no broken bones or blood, then they just have to work it out. Good or bad parenting, I don't know. I just know the nerves can't take it and they won't ever learn how to resolve issues in life if I'm constantly jumping in to save the day.

Santa left a surprise in Georgia this year. A mini-trampoline (36 inches) with the handle bar to hang onto. My research on The Boy's condition shows that physical exertion can often help with melt downs. The repetition of physical movement and just being able to get that energy out of his system is positive. Paige needed something inside she could do for fitness and Makenna just enjoys jumping. Therefore, the trampoline scored all the way around. Yesterday, I was in the other kitchen (a.k.a. laundry room) when I heard something suspicious. I walked around the corner to the kid's living room and almost had a heart attack. My son was in his SpiderMan costume with his legs hooked over the handlebar of the trampoline and Makenna was trying to help him injure himself. I said loudly, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" They both the did the guilty jump and The Boy immediately said, "It was MuMu's idea! It was her idea!" I just started laughing and couldn't talk for a minute or two. This upset him even further because he kept exclaiming he was not in trouble because it was MuMu's idea. Finally, I was able to catch my breath and I informed him that it was dangerous to do that and I did NOT want to see it again. He went on this long explanation about how SpiderMan can flip and climb walls and such. Apparently, the dress up costume he was wearing is supposed to enable him to do such things also. Yeah. I anticipate an injury in the not so distant future from the new toy.

Got a little goodie to share with you.

Who knew the new DS could cause world peace in my home. Even if only for a short time.


AndreaLeigh said...

aren't they sweet? and hahaha for the trampoline. crazy kids.

The family said...

Ohhh how sweet - is he rubbing her hair?

Miss Hope said...

He was, Stef!!! I was sitting here and glanced over and grabbed my cell phone from beside me to take it. They never knew I did.

ronee said...

it is AMAZING what a DS can do for a if that is bad parenting..then I am losing..cause my three kids and I have one!
love the spiderman! I can't wait to meet him!

Karen said...

Ya know, I found one of those trampolines with the bar on the side of the road not too long ago. Kyleigh and Kelsey love it! We don't keep it inside cause we have no room for it. So they only got to use it for a short time before it got too cold to go outside though. But it's in the shed for spring. lol!

And yeah, the DS is great! Kelsey loves to play with one. She doesn't know how to use them yet, but OMG, it will keep her quite forever!! She just sits on the floor and plays with whatever is on the screen. lol!

Joe and Samantha said...

great picture!

ricknroni said...

That totally made me laugh! Love those moments!

Monogram Queen said...

LMAO uh oh we've got a Super Girl costume - should I worry about flying?!!!
That is a sweet, sweet pic!