Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Supper Table Tales

I've incorporated some things at the supper table this week. I read somewhere about how this family that sits down to eat at night has this thing they do. Each person has to tell two fun/funny things they saw/did that day. It helps teach conversation skills to the younger ones. With The Boy's issues, I need to do all I can to help him learn social skills- how to take turns, how not to interrupt, etc. etc.

This gives The Boy something to think about and he was ready with his two things tonight. I threw him off when I told him that Makenna got to go first. Again, another lesson to learn. Even The Man and I take part.

Tonight, Paige went last because I knew she had had the best day of all. She made a good rank with NJROTC today and she was thrilled to pieces. Oh, how it tortured The Boy to sit there until all were finished.

A while back, I started some rules. I add one at a time, usually a few weeks apart.

1. You must wear a shirt to eat at my table. Girls have to wear pants (if not wearing a skirt-long story, but Makenna needed this one).

2. You have to try something new one time (or one bite). I won't make you eat it if you gag, but you gotta give it a try.

3. *New rule established tonight* You have to wait until everyone has said their two fun things before being excused from the table.

I try not to make the rules hard, but order must be in effect at Miss Hope's table. My nerves require it.

So, we made it through another night of fun/funny things. If you need ideas, feel free to try this. It makes for some good conversations as you question each other for more details and it puts everyone in the spotlight for a few minutes. I want my kids to get to the point that they go through their days looking for that perfect thing to tell that night when we sit down to eat.

Tonight, Paige, The Man, and myself were chatting at the end of the meal and I was smiling over how she was talking about NJROTC. She was throwing out military lingo left and right without even thinking. It was like talking to a Mini Man. I made the comment that I hoped that she would give me grandchildren one day and not be too completely focused on her career. She didn't make any promises on that score. I told her I needed for her to have kids so that they could go to her and say, "My Grandma (meaning me) said if you don't treat me better, she's coming to get me!" (Yes, I've had this used against me-just insert "Nana" in there)

My child had the audacity to say...with a straight face......

"Then I would tell them to tell her to come on and get them because that's where they want to be and I would let them go."

You know I started hooting over that one!

I looked up towards the heavens and said, "Lord? Please let my child remember she said that one day when she has her own kids."

I paused....looked back up ...and said...

"Never mind, Lord, I'll just blog about it!!!"


ricknroni said...

aawwwww....I really miss family dinner. Now that the kids are 'grown' and have jobs its a challenge to get all of us together (it does happen on occasion) cherish this time as I know you do!

paige said...

you left out that
the TOP DOG in my platoon

Miss Hope said...

I thought I'd let YOU blog about that, Roe. Figured it would give you something to write about since you HAVEN'T in a while. I'm just saying.

ronee said...

NICE..very very nice! i need some rules..pants could be a great start!

The family said...

I love it. We have a rule here that in order to be excused you have to share one thing that you learned that day amd sometimes my husband will throw it back at the person and say " Okay, how will that help you to be a better person in 5 years?"

I love it!

Neighbor Debbie said...

So if Paige is top dog in her platoon then what kind of dog is she? I could expand on this if needed LOL. I'm so proud of my other daughter on her ranking up. She is doing her MOmma D PROUD!!

Krys72599 said...

Great idea!
Lord knows we could all use some content help, 2 funny stories per person, per night, hmmm... I like this idea!
Congrats to Paige!!!

Michelle said...

Dang...it took me forever to catch up on all of your post! The blog looks great...I've been wanting to do this to. I'll be calling today to catch up on Paige and Daddy's problems...you didn't mention this to me?

Monogram Queen said...

I so need to institute the family dinner table. We are woefully guilty of eating in the recliner but really the house is so small... oh dammit there is no good excuse. You've guilted me Miss Hope!

LMAO at you and Paige, I learn from you woman, I learn.

Joe and Samantha said...

Love your dinner time ideas!

Shane said...

Lovin' the new look! Great ideas for the dinner table too. I may have to institute a few of those at my table. :)

MIL said...

I like what your friend did. Looks great!! Also CONGRATULATIONS PAIGE!! That's fantastic. I'm so glad you all eat at the table since you've moved to GA. You find out so much about your kids doing what your doing. (Sometimes something new about your spouse also!) Love all of you, Margaret - Mom - Mimi

THE Paige said...

I got a new blog btw - add it to your list.
I accidentally deleted my other one.. : /