Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Ghost of Halloween Past

Halloween 1998

I am pregnant with my second child and we attend the Halloween party at our church. Paige is 4 years old and the baby of the church. So spoiled. So loved. She was very special to Bill. He was a friend of ours that has since passed away from cancer. He loved this baby more than anything. He had a son the same age that was in Texas with his ex-wife and Bill didn't get to see him alot and so I think he transferred alot of his love to Paige as a result. She totally reciprocated.

We were having a hayride that evening and I declined going because of being pregnant. Just didn't feel like sitting in hay and being bounced all over creation. Not a problem, said Bill. He would be more than happy to take Paige. So he bundles her up in a blanket and hat and off they go with the group.

It was a right cheesy hayride. It was just to a local graveyard and a few people were there to scare the wagon passengers with a grab here and there and scary laugh. Paige is huddled in Bill's lap and peeking out here and there. Keep in mind that she is 4 years old. All of a sudden there came this figure across the graveyard. It was a teenager dressed in a sheet.

Paige says: "Oh No, Bill!!! I dun seen the Holy Ghost!! "

Even though I wasn't there in person to hear this, it's still one of my favorite memories. When Bill was dying and Hospice was in his home....I called him and with a raspy voice and talking slow...he still laughed about it.