Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Repo-Man

Dude drives around in a tow truck. We all know him. He's the Repo-Man.

Today I drive up at my mom's house. Yes, I know I live next door, but sometimes it's just easier to swing into her driveway. Ok? Ok. Anyway, as I am getting Vitt out of the van, the Repo-Man pulls into the yard. I know the van payment is being made. We have that automatically done. Wait. Not my yard. Crap. Is he coming for the Tahoe? He gets out and grins at me. I do not grin back. He asks if I know who he is? Uh..yeah. He wants to speak with my mom. Crap. I go in the house and tell Mom...the Repo-Man is outside..he wants to speak with you. Her eyes. Priceless. One of those "Need a camera moments". She goes out on the porch and he informs her that someone told him that she knows everyone who is everyone and could she help him find out where this certain person is? She then pats the area where her heart is located. Thing is....she knew she was making the Tahoe payments. I took one myself for her last week. Guys like that just have a way of making your heart skip a beat or two, I suppose. Heck, I know mine did when I saw him. Well, Paige gets into the act, helping him find out where this person is by calling her network of friends. I still have no idea how all of that really went down. Maybe it's better if I don't.

Then get this. If my Mom isn't Southern Genteel to the bone, I'll hush my mouth. Repo-Man had the same surgery as my Mom. They compare war stories. She offers the man a biscuit fresh out of the oven. I kid you not. He politely declines...then asks if it's homemade. But, of course! He starts to waver and she rushes to the kitchen to fix that poor man a biscuit with a piece of fresh-baked ham wedged in the middle. And I am my mother's daughter the bone. I am sitting in the recliner, thumbing through a magazine and I toss over my shoulder..."He has a passenger in his truck with him, Mama, so don't forget him". Two biscuits to go, Repo-Man. He is eternally grateful and I know if ever he needs to visit either one of our addresses (and he won't if I can help it!!).....we won't have a bit of problem. Because, you see, he is beholden now.

God, I love Southern life.


Hope's Hubby said...

This is truly one of the many, many reasons why I love you and your family. I have to admit, that my heart started to skip a beat at the beginning of the story, "why hadn't she called me?" came to my mind. But, it is still a good story and brought a laugh to my heart by the time I finished. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!

Jacinda said...

I love the last sentence because I was going to comment, "Only in South Carolina........" LOL