Wednesday, October 12, 2005


So she likes boys. That's long as it's from afar. Shall I set up the scene?

We are always on "Dude Alert". No matter where we are, if there are some pimply faced pre-teen or teen boys, she says the word "Dude" under her breath so that I can look also. Why do I want to look? Well, I don't, but I do because she expects me to.

We're driving to counseling today. Busy road in the middle of town. This sporty little red truck whizzes by. We pull up at the redlight and end up right beside this red truck.

Me: Dude to the right. Dude to the right.

~Paige glances and quickly faces forward~

Paige: Dude, that's no dude. That's a DAD.


Crazy Me said...

Ha!! Now, this made me laugh. LOL!!

Jacinda said...


starbldr said...

Isn't it truly amazing how our perspective changes as we age? Not that you have aged any Hope.